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First we get Serra/Hughes in what is being hyped as the grudge match of 07...and now they sign this for us...Damn Terp..would have been a good headliner for NJ...


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Tickets on Sale Now

Las Vegas, NV (USA) – For years, UFC® fight fans have speculated about the outcome of a historic dream matchup between two legendary figures in the sport of mixed martial arts, Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. Tonight, on Spike TV’s 2007 Scream Awards, UFC President Dana White announced that this dream will finally become a reality when UFC and PRIDE former champions Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva face each other at UFC 79: NEMESIS live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center Saturday, December 29, 2007.

“Chuck and Wanderlei – two legends in the sport – will face off in the most important match of their careers at UFC 79,” said Dana White, UFC President. “Chuck and Wanderlei have both wanted this fight for as long as they can remember, and this is definitely the fight that fans have waited for years to see. Finally, PRIDE’s most dangerous striker will face the UFC’s most dangerous striker, and the world will know after years of speculation who will win and who will lose this fight.”

Tickets for UFC 79: NEMESIS are on sale now and are priced at $1,000, $750, $500, $300, $200 and $100. Tickets are available through any Mandalay Bay box office and all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations (select Smith’s Food and Drug Centers, Macy’s West at the Fashion Show Mall and Ritmo Latino). To charge by phone with a major credit card, call the Mandalay Bay box office at (702) 632-7580 or Ticketmaster at (702) 474-4000. Tickets also are available for purchase at http://www.ufc.com [ufc.com]">www.ufc.com, http://www.mandalaybay.com [mandalaybay.com]">www.mandalaybay.com or http://www.ticketmaster.com [ticketmaster.com]">www.ticketmaster.com.

A special Internet ticket pre-sale is available now to UFC newsletter subscribers. To access this presale, users must register for the UFC newsletter through http://www.ufc.com [ufc.com]">www.ufc.com.

There also will be a special auction for Octagon-side floor seats available only through http://www.ticketmaster.com [ticketmaster.com]">www.ticketmaster.com starting Wednesday, October 24 and ending Monday, November 5.

UFC 79: NEMESIS is available live on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH Network, TVN, Bell ExpressVu, Shaw Communications and Viewer’s Choice Canada for a suggested retail price of $39.95 ($39.99 CAD) and $49.95 for HD where available.

Liddell (20-5), considered by many to be the greatest light heavyweight fighter of all time, reigned as the 205-pound UFC champion for over three years. He knocked out seven opponents in seven consecutive fights, including Randy Couture (twice), Vernon White, Jeremy Horn, Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Tito Ortiz (twice), before he was defeated by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 71 in May. Chuck now returns to the Octagon to face the fighter he has wanted to fight for years – Wanderlei Silva.

“I’m excited this fight with Wanderlei is finally happening,” said Liddell. “I’ve been saying for a long time that, given the chance, I would knock Wanderlei Silva out. I think this will be a great fight for the fans, and one that lives up to their expectations, because I’m going to hit him until he falls down and stays down.”

The 31-year old Silva (31-7-1), known by fight fans as “The Axe Murderer” for his ultra-aggressive style and finishing ability, began his career almost 11 years ago in his native Brazil,

fighting in Vale Tudo bouts that pushed him to the limit as he honed the skills that would soon make him one of the most feared fighters on the planet. He met great success by winning the PRIDE organization’s middleweight championship and defeating the likes of current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson (twice), Dan Henderson, Kazushi Sakuraba (three times), Ricardo Arona, Hidehiko Yoshida, and Kazuyuki Fujita, while engaging in some of the most memorable fights in MMA history. Well-rested after his February PRIDE fight against Dan Henderson, Silva is ready to take on Liddell and secure the most important victory of his mixed martial arts career.

“I’ve wanted to fight Chuck for a long time,” said Silva. “I think about this fight a lot, our styles are very similar – we are both great strikers. I’m training very hard, because I want to give my next victory to my fans. After I beat Chuck, then I want to fight the champion.”

In addition to Liddell vs. Silva, UFC 79 features the main event welterweight championship matchup between UFC champion Matt Serra (16-4) and former UFC champion Matt Hughes (43-5).

Current UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra, fresh off his knockout victory over Georges St-Pierre in April, looks to defend his title for the first time against the legendary Hughes and secure his own legacy in the UFC 170-pound division. Hughes, a two-time UFC champion with seven combined title defenses to his name, has a deadly ground game that has earned him wins over St-Pierre, BJ Penn, Chris Lytle, Royce Gracie, and Frank Trigg (twice).

For more information about UFC 78, The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, UFC 79 or any upcoming UFC event, visit http://www.ufc.com [ufc.com]">www.ufc.com or uk.ufc.com. All bouts are live and subject to change.

About The Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® brand is the world’s leading professional mixed martial arts organization and offers the premier series of MMA sports events. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., the UFC® organization produces approximately twelve live pay-per-view events annually that are distributed through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its U.S. distribution, UFC fight programs are distributed throughout the world including broadcast on MAIN EVENT in Australia, Globosat in Brazil and Bravo and Setanta PPV in the United Kingdom. For more information, or current UFC fight news, visit http://www.ufc.com [ufc.com]">www.ufc.com or uk.ufc.com or http://www.ufcespanol.com [ufcespanol.com]">www.ufcespanol.com.


posted by pc7588

Oct. 24 2007 5:41pm

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    i know, its a shame they come up w/ evans/bisping as a headliner. main event was originally penn/sherk but that fell through with sherk failing his piss test.

    im such a big fight fan i excited about the card as a whole, but the ufc should of threw the ny/nj crowd a bone considering they rarely make it to the area.


    posted by terpkeg

    Oct. 27 2007 3:41pm
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    I will be posting on this Saturday's TUF finale..great match between Huerta/Guida

    Here's the lines we got so far from bookmaker:

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Dec 08UFC: TUF-6 FINALE - THE PEARL, LAS VEGAS, NV -$2508:00 PM12 /08 /07# Money Line

    32521 CLAY GUIDA -125

    32522 ROGER HUERTA -105


    32591 TIM KENNEDY +135

    32592 JASON MILLER -165

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Dec 29UFC 79: - "NEMESIS"- LAS VEGAS - $250 8:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32543 MAT HUGHES +205

    32544 GEORGE ST PIERRE -255

    8:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32545 WANDERLEI SILVA -120

    32546 CHUCK LIDDELL -110

    8:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32547 LYOTO MACHIDA -135

    32548 RAMEAU SOKOUDJOU +105

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Dec 30M-1 GLOBAL: " YARENNOKA! " - TOKYO JAPAN -$25011:00 PM12 /30 /07# Money Line

    32593 HONG MAN CHOI +600

    32594 FEDOR EMELIANENKO -800

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Jan 19UFC 80: "RAPID FIRE" - METRO RADIO ARENA, -UK - $25012:00 PM1 /19 /08# Money Line

    32581 JOE STEVENSON +225

    32582 BJ PENN -285

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Feb 02UFC 81: - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -$250 8:00 PM2 /02 /08# Money Line

    32583 THALES LEITES +140

    32584 NATE MARQUARDT -170

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Mar 01UFC 82: - COLUMBUS, OHIO -$250 8:00 PM3 /01 /08# Money Line

    32585 DAN HENDERSON +110

    32586 ANDERSON SILVA -140

    MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Mar 29STRIKEFORCE 8: HP PAVILION, SAN JOSE, CA -$2508:00 PM3 /29 /08# Money Line

    32595 JOSH THOMSON +190

    32596 GILBERT MELENDEZ -240


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 6 2007 9:13am
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    Here's the card for December 29'th..I am stoked about this card. Quite possibly the best of the year depending on the undercard not announced. In addition, both co main event fights would be a headliner on any other card. Great job by Dana, the Frittatas, and Joe Silva so far on the matchmaking for this end of the year showcase for the UFC. Don't put it past Dana White to make one more pitch for Couture or Kimbo Slice or Fedor...he's signed everyone else and I'll be the first to say I'm not sold on Brock Lesnar. I think a guy like Cro Cop, Gonzaga, heath Herring, Sylvia (all tall guys known for kicks and strikes) would send him packing. You guys know I usually back the elite wrestlers, but man, I just might be on Mir if he can show me his head and fitness is in it. I digress...here's the card so far:

    Matt Bocek vs. Doug Evans

    Roan Canero vs. Tony DaSouza

    Jordan Rediv vs. Dean Lister (I will be on this one most likely)

    Nate Mohr vs. Manny Gamburian

    Luis Cain vs. James Irvin

    Sao Paleli (one of my favorite fighters) vs. Eddie Sanchez (I'll be on this fight)

    Rich Clementi vs. melvin Guillard (line will be insane on Guillard when announced)

    Lyoto machida vs. Rameau Sokudjou

    MAIN EVENT: Wanderli (The Axe Murderer) Silva vs. Chuck (The Iceman) Lidell

    MAIN EVENT: Matt Hughes vs. George (Rush, GSP, Canucker, take your pick) St. Pierre.

    I really like this card but here are the only lined fights so far. If anyone has more lines than this..please post them so we can wach movement leading up to fight night.

    So far if the line is where I think it will be I'm going to be on 4 fights:

    Both main Events

    Lister and Rediv


    Possibly Manny's debut and possibly DaSouza fight.

    Good luck fellas..let's get to work..and props to Big John..retire in style big boy.


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 12 2007 7:10pm
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    I have been licking my chops for this card and I have two best bets I'll be throwin 4 units apiece on. Here are the lines from Bookmaker as of 12/26,

    UFC 79: - "NEMESIS"- LAS VEGAS - $250 8:30 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32543 MAT HUGHES +190

    32544 GEORGE ST PIERRE -240

    8:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32545 WANDERLEI SILVA -125

    32546 CHUCK LIDDELL -105

    8:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32547 LYOTO MACHIDA -140

    32548 RAMEAU SOKOUDJOU +110

    7:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32549 RICH CLEMENTI +190

    32550 MELVIN GUILLARD -240

    7:00 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32551 EDDIE SANCHEZ +125

    32552 SOA PALELEI -155

    4:30 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32553 JAMES IRVIN +150

    32554 LUIS CANE -180

    4:30 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32555 NATE MOHR +305

    32556 MANNY GAMBURYAN -375

    4:30 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32557 JORDAN RADEV +280

    32558 DEAN LISTER -350

    4:30 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32559 ROAN CARNEIRO -155

    32560 TONY DESOUZA +125

    4:30 PM12 /29 /07# Money Line

    32561 MARK BOCEK -110

    32562 DOUG EVANS -120


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 26 2007 10:48am
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    These fights should be great. lookin forward to your big guys pc.

    Really hoping we're on the same side as i have already made 4 plays on this card. But i know if your going 4 units your gonna be on point.


    posted by terpkeg

    Dec. 27 2007 7:04pm
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    Just added more to my GSP bet today after watching their previous two fights last night.

    I doubted GSP's mental strength prior to the kos fight, but clearly i wsa off base, when he tapped against hughes in 04 he was still a kid, real green. And he just got caught in the serra fight. dont think hughes has the power to do the same.

    GSP's freak athletisism was on full display against kos, he outwrestled the wrestler and displayed amazing balance/takedown defense.

    GSP wins fight imo.

    Im on some other fights as well, but since i have been less than stellar posting on this site i think i will leave it at that.

    GL PC and all other UFC bettors, would possibly tail some (looking for the extra persuasion to nail silva) but going away for the weekend with most likely no net.


    posted by terpkeg

    Dec. 28 2007 5:48pm
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    The standard rhetoric..if you bet this exactly as I lay it out you will almost always never lose money. Check out my past record on other threads if you don't believe me. Anyways, I am pumped for this card and am laying (at least for me) heavy timber on this end of the year MMA extravaganza.

    Play #1: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou...to win over Lyota Mochida. Put simply, the pub got this one right. The line opend as Lyota had a -140ish tilt but the pub is getting smart on MMA fighter. Rameau is the real deal and don't let Lyota's 11-0 record fool you. He has wins over 2nd tier fighters like Sam Hogar and David Heath..not bad fighters, but not on the level of Rameau. This is a very exciting fight and I'm a little leary but I've waited for Rameau's debut for over 2 years and I think he derails Lyota's 3-0 run in the UFC with a convincing win.

    1.5 units on Rameau Thierrry Sokoudjou

    Prediction: 2nd round knockout or submission.

    Play #2: BEST BET:

    Another debut for a UFC heavweight and one of my favorites Soa Paleli. SO as I call him is a beast at 260 lbs and outweighs Eddie Sanchez by 30 pounds. Sanchez is cannon fodder but does have the ability to surprise SO. Your gonna see a surprisingly agile BIG MAN that has great strikes and comes hard. He is very strong and very aggressive. You will be impressed with this cat and I'm surprised it's not 200 or more.

    4 units to win 2.5 units (-150) on my boy SO...(potential FOY play next year on him unless Fitch fights Serra or GSP)

    Prediction: SO in the first by knockout

    Play #3: Main Event:

    Your gonna be shocked. I am rollin on Matt "THE LEGEND" hughes to beat GSP tonight in a great fight. +190 for a man who has only lost once in over 4 years? Hughes lost his belt to GSP by making a mistake. He fell in love with his stand up and did not train (by his own admission) well for the last 2 years. This definetely showed with his inability to take down GSP in his last fight and the way he worked that fight. Your going to see the old Matt Hughes tonight and he will frustrate and possibly dominate GSP. I don't buy the fact that people and so called "experts" are saying GSP is equal on the ground to Hughes. Remember this, Hughes has been training for Serra for 7 months or more. GSP got this fight 6 weeks ago. WHo's gonna have better cardio, who's mentally in the right place right now? I'm a Hughes fan and tonight you will see that he has not lost his skills and he can still dominate.

    2 units to win 3.9 units on Matt Hughes (+195)

    Prediction: Hughes by Ground and Pound tap out in the 4th

    Play #4: BEST BET

    DaSouze to take the lumber to Roan Carnerio in a prelim fight. Fighting out of the Serra JuJitsu camp in New York, he is one of the trainers and a great fighter in his own right. This will be a boring match for those that don't know MMA and it won't make the televised card tonight. But as a huge MMA fan, I love these matchups. It's gonna be a decision fight with someone possibly catching a submission, but I'll take the dog.

    3 units to win 3.3 units on Desouza

    Play #5: BEST BET

    Screw the Axe murderer, even though Chuck has lost his last two, he's the better fighter at this stage of their career. You can't tell me Silva won't have trouble re adjusting to the Octagon. His cardio is garbage, if Lidell can avoid the knockout in the first, I like him to win this fight by decision. Everyone thinks it's gonna be non stop banging, but not this kid. Lidell needs this win much more than Silva and if he gets it, he is immediately in the talks for a rematch with Rampage or at the worst, he's two fights away from a title shot. I will roll with the UFC vet against a man who hasn't fought in the OCtagon in over 8 years.

    2 units to win 2.1 units on Chuck LIdell (+105)

    GL all


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 29 2007 8:20am
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    I laid on Sokodjou and then my local just posted them He has Sokodjou going off at -140 at one of the two I use. That's insane..but I like our chances.

    GL tonight....can't wait for this card.


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 29 2007 3:57pm
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    Bookmaker has Sokoudjou at -110 went I booked it. Good luck.


    posted by sherlock37

    Dec. 29 2007 4:09pm
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    A real bad UFC on my part...sorry for the losses...

    Won Lidell, lost Hughes, Lost DeSouza, Lost SO, Lost Sokodjou. Sorry bout that fellas...just amazed at the results. The two pride fighters in debut (Sokodjou and Sao) were absymal. I'm going to keep fading pride fighters as their record since the acquisition is a terrible 6-9 in lined fights. Take away Anderson Silva and that record drops to 2-9. So keep that in mind in upcoming events. AKA Sylvia/Minotaur at UFC81.

    Last observation...did anyone else think GSP was roided up? Jesus he threw Hughes around like a rag doll and seemed ultra strong for 171. Just keep it in mind but I think GSP is on the juice.

    Have a good one and sorry again for the shitty picks. We'll get it on the next one.


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 31 2007 10:15am
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    Shit, PC. With the amount of money you've made GPers over the years on UFC, one bad fight is nothing. No need to apologize.


    posted by sherlock37

    Dec. 31 2007 10:21am
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    What's up PC and other posters. Wow what a great card that was. I didn't take any action on any of the fights. I should have. I think the Lidell and GSP fights would have been easy money. I just didn't think about it. But what a fight Lidell/Silva was. I was sooooo happy to see Sliva get his face pushed in. The guy has been a trash talking fool for years and finally he got his chance and did nothing with it. Those 2 stupid knockdowns were nothing. But everyone is talking about them like it could have saved Silva. When they showed the one on instant replay it looked like Chuck was way off balance and silva barely hit his chin. Then 20 seconds later a shot by chuck pushes Silva across the ring and almost stops him. I swear if you looked into Silva's eyes you could see he wanted to quit. What a butt whooping I loved seeing. Chuck is back. Bring on Rashad or Shogun!!!


    posted by oakland4life

    Dec. 31 2007 12:28pm
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    Looks like the ICEMAN will not fight Rashad. UFC does not want Evans to take another loss. Liddell would destroy him. From what I saw in an interview on mmamania.com, Chuck will fight someone in June and then get a shot at the title next Aug. Chuck raked in 500k for the fight and took home another 50k for fight of the night. What shocked me is how under paid St. Pierre is. He made 80k with no bonus for winning. He gets no respect financially. Hughes made like 3 times as much.

    Looks like John Fitch will get a well deserved title fight soon. PC will be happy with that!


    posted by ultimatecapper

    Dec. 31 2007 2:04pm
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    I am not sure who they would put chuck up against. I think they should have him fight Machida. It would knock one of them out of the running the title. Chuck would maul Rashad. But if the UFC said they don't want Rashad getting another loss they are retarded. The guy is undefeated. ha ha

    I think chuck made another 300-500 for his win too. I was on sherdog and they had the purses for the event. Not shabby almost a cool mil to be a great fight. You might want to check on GSP again too. On sherdog they have him making alot more than that. His initial money was no where near as high as Hughes but after his win bonus it was close. Just remember they sign those contracts. And of course Hughes makes more than GSP just because of his past. Give GSP a year or so and he will be the highest paid WW. That is unless he loses to Serra again.

    What did you think of the card? I thought it was great. That Sanchez fight was horribly boring though. I could look past that one with the other ones being so good. I was happy to see Melvin get beat again. That guy is a terd!!!!!


    posted by oakland4life

    Dec. 31 2007 7:35pm
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    Hey Capper,

    Thought you would like to see this. Some of the guys did pretty well with money on this card. Some of the other upcoming cards look good. But some of them haven't been filled out yet. Should be some good betting going on!!!!

    Chuck Liddell : $550,000 ($500,000 for showing, $50,000 for Fight of the night)

    Georges St. Pierre : $210,000 ($80,000 for showing, $80,000 for winning, $50,000 for Submission of the night)

    Wanderlei Silva : $200,000 ($150,000 for showing, $50,000 for Fight of the night)

    Matt Hughes : $100,000

    Eddie Sanchez : $96,000 ($23,000 for showing, $23,000 for winning, $50,000 for KO of the night)

    Lyoto Machida : $60,000 ($30,000 for showing, $30,000 for winning)

    Rameau Sokoudjou : $40,0O0

    Rich Clementi : $28,000 (14k + 14k)

    Dean Lister : $22,000 (11k + 11k)

    Manny Gamburyan : $20,000 (10k +10k)

    James Irvin : $16,000 (8k + 8k)

    Melvin Guillard : $10,000

    Roan Carneiro : $10,000 (5k + 5k)

    Tony DeSouza : $7,000

    Mark Bocek : $6,000 (3k + 3k)

    Nate Mohr : $6,000

    Soa Palelei : $5,000

    Luis Cane : $5,000

    Jordan Radev : $5,000

    Doug Evans : $3,000


    posted by oakland4life

    Jan. 1 2008 9:16pm

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