UFC 78 Validation Fight Thread


Anyways, I guess Rashad didn't want any of Tito as that was supposed to be the headline fight. Rashad backed out of the fight with Tito. Check it out at sherdog.com.

Anyways, I think this is the worst card they have put out yet. I like the undercard fights much better than what we'll see on TV> but let's put this on hold..we got Silva/franklin and what i think is a great fight in Vera/Sylvia.

See you boys in a few.


posted by pc7588

Oct. 5 2007 11:49am

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    i got tix to this event, my first live fight, and overall i like the card. the main event is lacking, but i am intrigued by almost all the fights on the card.

    what i really hope the ufc does is replaced lombard, who apparentoly couldnt get a visa, with kos. kos said he wants to fight soon and is training. i dont know what would stop the ufc from making a karo/kos fight. the winner of that can fight fitch on the undercard of the gsp-serra/hughes fight. since gsp has been given title shot. set up the weltrerweight div title picture perfectly for next year

    serra/hughes winner v gsp for title maybe in march

    kos/karo winner v fitch for #1 contender on the same card

    i think this is just wishful thinking tho


    posted by terpkeg

    Oct. 12 2007 11:48am
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    I'm hoping Rashad punks Bisping..but the fight that really intrigues me is David Terrell and Ed Herman. I'm very excited for that fight because the Soul Assassin was one of my favorite fighters and then Evan Tanner just destroyed him.

    I don't know much about Thiago Silva but Houston Alexander should be fun to watch. If Silva's 10-0 record is better than the scrubs he's faced in the UFC, then we might get a FOY material.

    When someone see opening lines for this card will they please post them. they are usually up by now. Real interested to see what Bisping Evans opens up at.


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 24 2007 5:51pm
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    Wow.....3 fricken 50....so much for any value on that fight as I think Rashad's experience and pedigree will beat Bisping..man that's high.

    Thanks Drt


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 24 2007 6:52pm
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    Hey PC,

    You migtht want to check out who backed out that Rashad/Tito fight. Tito stated that he already beat Rashad and he didn't want to fight him again. Which isn't true. If he didn't grab that fence he wouldn't have been deducted that point. But he would have been slammed which would have lost him that round. I think Rashad gave him too much respect. And most of sherdog.com said the samething. Rashad right now is a way better fighter. And he will cream Bisping. But boring is on the way. ha ha


    posted by oakland4life

    Oct. 26 2007 5:55pm
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    Man..I have respect for Rashad but I don't think he won that fight. As for Tito, you could be right, that cat changes his story about every 3 weeks. I really wanna know if Dana or Tito was the one that backed out of the boxing match. Supposedly from the 1 hour special Zuffa promoted it was Tito being a punk but I feel for him that if it was pay per view he would have cleared some loot. But Dana was offering nothing since it was a contract stipulation.

    Would love to see Tito/Rashad II. I still think Tito takes him. But I hope your right on Rashad/Bisping. Makes sense but Bisping is good value at 3 1/2 to 1. How ya been? Didn't see ya around for the last few UFC's.


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 26 2007 7:27pm
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    Bisping/Evans is now 275.//225

    My Best bet with Terrell is now gone..I'm gonna have a small card for this one.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 7 2007 6:01pm
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    I use bookmaker and they still only have Bisping/Evans lined. This is very strange as we're only 6 days away from Fight night. I'm wondering what the hold up is. If anyone sees any lines for the entire card please post em. I'm shocked bookmaker doesn't have em up yet.

    Anyways..I got 3 fights I'm studying, lost my best bet on David Terrell due to injury withdrawl but we'll find some diamonds. Starting to lean on Bisping the more I study. Rashad is not in top flight shape and from what I hear/read I keep seeing two different approach's to this fight. Jimmy, you should get a pretty good main event as it looks like Bisping is gonna give Rashad a little bit more than the +350 he opened at.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 12 2007 2:31pm
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    I agree that Houston can end it early. But he hasn't even been close to test his stamina...my initial lean is on Thiego, he is world class and I think you'll see a great fight in that one. The big question in my mind is whether or not Houston can go 3 rounds. Everyone expects this one to end quick, but I really think your gonna see it go at least 2 rounds. I'll be back with fight picks on Friday or Saturday...Good luck and man, really enjoy the event. Envious, hope you have a great time and we can win ya some loot.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 13 2007 4:03pm
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    8:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32501 MICHAEL BISPING +215

    32502 RASHAD EVANS -275

    8:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32503 THIAGO SILVA +125

    32504 HOUSTON ALEXANDER -155

    7:45 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32505 JOE DOERKSEN +120

    32506 ED HERMAN -150

    7:25 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32507 RYO CHONAN +275

    32508 KARO PARISYAN -345

    7:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32509 SPENCER FISHER -115

    32510 FRANK EDGAR -115

    5:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32511 CHRIS LYTLE +150

    32512 THIAGO ALVES -180

    5:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32513 JASON REINHARDT +450

    32514 JOE LAUZON -600

    5:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32515 LUKE CAUDILLO +350

    32516 MARCUS AURELIO -450

    5:00 PM11 /17 /07# Money Line

    32517 TAMDAN MCCRORY +215

    32518 AKIHIRO GONO -275


    posted by terpkeg

    Nov. 14 2007 6:20pm
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    All right, a very difficult card to cap in my opinion, but I think I'm dialed in.

    Fight Pick #1:

    Spenser Fisher +125 over Frankie Edgar.

    For those of you that follow the UFC, you should know these names. Fisher has been around forever in the 55 division and Edgar has made a big name for himself by defeating Tyson Griffin in a 3 round decision in his debut and following it up with an impressive 2nd win.

    I'm on the King Spenser Fisher for a number of reasons. #1.) I hate the cat..and fighters I hate usually win. 2.) Compare the opposition. This is a huge fight for Edgar, a decent opponent for Fisher. Here's his UFC fight stats and an overall record of 21-3 in MMA out of the highly touted Militich Camp:

    Win Sam Stout Unanimous Decision UFC® Fight Night™: Sam Stout vs Spencer Fisher 06/12/2007 3 5:00

    Loss Hermes Franca Technical Knock Out UFC® Fight Night™ Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon 01/25/2007 2 3:30

    Win Dan Lauzon Technical Knock Out UFC® 64: UNSTOPPABLE 10/14/2006 1 4:38

    Win Matt Wiman Technical Knock Out UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie 05/27/2006 2 1:43

    Loss Sam Stout Majority Decision UFC 58: USA vs. Canada 03/04/2006 3 5:00

    Win Aaron Riley Technical Knock Out UFC® Fight Night™ 3 01/16/2006 1 5:00

    Win Thiago Alves Submission (Other) UFC® Fight Night™ 2 10/03/2005 2 4:43

    Everyone says Edgar's strengths are his wrestling and stamina. Well at 55, your all great on the ground and in cardio. You can't tell me Fisher can't handle 3 rounds with this kid. He will pick him apart and either submit him or win a majority decision.

    2 units to win 2.5 units on Spenser "The King" Fisher +125

    Fight Pick #2: THE MAIN EVENT

    I will take the dog value and roll with Bisping. Here's why..1.) I hate him and fighters I hate usually win. Seriously though, look at the matchup. Rashad is a great wrestler but Bisping is a beast for his size. I think he's good enough to counter Rashad's takedowns. Striking, everyone keeps forgetting the only title of merit Bisping has held is for kickboxing. The dude has great strikes and the way Rashad bobs back and forth, he very well could walk into Bisping's right foot and say night night. I really don't understand the high line. Rashad is so highly touted but LOST against Tito (sorry..I know we disagree on that one), and was unimpressive against a juiced up Bonnar. In fact, I bet Bonnar takes him in the next match. Anyways, Bisping has a penchant for getting in trouble. When you get rocked by Elvis Sinosic, there is definetely holes in your stand up. Anyways, this value is too good to pass up and Bisping could very well end the fight standing. Rashad will NOT go after Bisping, mark my words. This is going to be a boring fight as they will "feel each other out" for most of the 1'st. Someone will win the 2nd, and they will both play conservative to go for decision in the 3rd. I really can't see Rashad submitting Bisping or knocking him out.

    1 unit to win 2.75 units on Michael "the Count" Bisping


    Roll with me on Thiago Silva to upset Houston Alexander. Everyone is riding Houston's jock right now because of flashy 1st round knockouts. He is going to have to go more than one round on Saturday night. No way Silva gets knocked out early, maybe late, but he's much more technical and has more ability. I'm not impressed with either of Houston's two wins in the UFC, but the same argument could be made for Silva. However, with that being said, I can't back Alexander. Ground game..advantage Silva, ground defense..advantage Silva, Submissions...huge advantage Silva...All I can say is, if Alexander knocks him out, he has my respect and I will not feel bad I lost money on him. But it aint' gonna happen. Alexander is gonna come out like a pit bull, Silva will weather the storm, and then you'll see Alexander get winded and desperate as he tries to make it up on the scorecard. In the 3rd, when Alexander goes for broke, Silva catchs him with a submission and either ends it or dominated the 3rd round.


    Thiago Silva to beat Houston Alexander

    2 units to win 2.5 units

    As you can see, I'm not too heavy on anything. No 3 unit or bigger plays..opinions if you want em:

    Karo the Heat to win by submission or strikes

    Lauzon in a laugher

    Gono but closer than expected

    Doerksen to upset Herman (I hate Herman by the way which means he will win)

    no opinion on others..I'm just betting the 3 I posted.

    GL EVERYONE>>Ricky, call me if your playing the UFC, I got a question for you.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 16 2007 3:13pm
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    spencer fisher is my largest play, too bad i played him on weds at -110 thinking he would go up. i am shocked it went the other way. adding on to what you said about edgar comp, i believe out of his 7 wins his opponets have a total of 2 ko's. he has been matched up with no strikers. fisher is going to light him up on the feet if he tries to bang and being in front of the home town crowd i dont see edgar trying to turn this into a boring wrestling match. anyway just watched the fisher alves fight and the king was slick on the gound, ended the fight with a triangle after catching him in a couple earlier subs. fisher is more experienced and comes from better camp. this is his fight to take. on a side note, just got back from the weigh ins and was suprised the king got a bigger applause than edgar.

    as stated above, im on houston, mainly because i thought silva looked horrible in his last ufc fight. although it does worry me that we havnt seen HA go deep into any fights and he does seem to be a little reckless. i just think this guys got more heart. and ill take that in fight.

    also on mccrory got +215, i went against this kid in his debut and he suprised me. you tube this guy he fucks people up. i thought it was b/c he was fighting cans but after banging with sprat and choking him out in the 2nd i think he is for real. another side note mccrory shows up in glasses and sweat pants while gono was rocking bling, a red velour jump suit and zebra panties (what a fag).

    last play will be on alves if he drops under -200, missed the boat at -170. this one will prolly be small, but he just seems too dynamic for lytle who has never been able to step up and beat the top notch comp. alves striking will be too strong.


    posted by terpkeg

    Nov. 16 2007 7:41pm
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    Just wanted to say have fun and enjoy the event tonight Terp.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 17 2007 8:27am
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    good looks pc, should be a great time. before i leave to get my drink on, my last thoughts on the card

    houston alexander is now my largest play. i rewatched the silva drwal fight today and neither man would have made it out of the first found with alexander. unless silva has undergone a completly different training regiment i dont see him being able to hang. also, monte cox, the man who started m1 whiich just signed fedor, found alexander. he told dana white he had a man who could beat jardine and it was HA. i think he is for real

    large plays



    small plays



    my money management sux when it comes to fights so it is pointless to put units on these guys.

    also, i read an interview with gono today, and i take back the fag comment, the guy seems legit, he just likes to put on a good show.

    good night to all


    posted by terpkeg

    Nov. 17 2007 5:41pm
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    First losing UFC in awhile:

    BEST BET: WIN +2.5 units

    Main Event: LOSS -1 unit

    Other bet: LOSS -2 unit

    Total -0.5 units. I do keep the string of best bets going with 4 in a row in the UFC and 6 out of the last 7.

    See ya in December. I'm already dialed in for the Axe Murderer/Iceman fight and I think I got the winner on a supposed undercard bout at the welterweight division.

    Have a great day all.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 24 2007 6:52am

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