I'll be back in full force in the mma WORLD FOR this card. I have my fight of the year which hit last year and it will hit again. For those that know me, you have to know who I'm on as a slight favorite. I am slamming this fight for the online limit as I see no way the chump can stay with my boy.

Anyways...I'll have my full fight card for both the Fight night and the 76 UFC on wednesday of next week.

Hey UC...you know Varner is supposedly in the works for a fight in the WEC for a belt and also an undercard fighter on 77? If you want to go to Ohio with the ECB alumni..I'll roll up there. Really think Franklin might give Anderson a better showing this time around.

See you boys in a few days...this UFC has very good value in my opinion on the undercard.

And Lidell will destroy Jackson's fighter Jardine. I am so underimpressed with the Jackson camp and don't know why they get the pub they do. They have been getting hammered time in time out.

Take care...UFC replay is tomorrow night. Can't wait to see it as I missed the Hammill controversy. Didn't bet the last UFC (was during my wedding) but I would have rolled Hammill. Glad you hit Terp but from what Ultimate keeps tellin me there is absoluetly no way the Count won that fight.


posted by pc7588

Sept. 13 2007 9:12pm

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    pc, yeah i only watched the fight once, but me and my boys couldnt believe bis got the nod. but ill take it.

    im a little gun shy as since football has started ive been in a horrible slumber.

    but i need some opinions on nakamura and taveras at +175 and +135. i think there is great value here. two live dogs. but i got no confidence. put a small wager on each of them but need some discussion here. may blast these two thinking there is a great chance one comes in if not both.


    posted by terpkeg

    Sept. 20 2007 8:25pm
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    My fight of the year (1-0 ATS in UFC..hit on Fitch last year) is again my boy Jon Fitch.

    I took him for 5 units @-120

    Re Cap:

    Fitch 2nd round submision is the prediction

    Fitch for 5 units -120

    Tyson Griffin -150 for 1 unit

    Forrest Griffin +275 for 1 unit

    Good luck..leans not betting

    The Iceman

    Diego Sarivara

    Good luck all..had a bad fight night but will hammer on Fitch tonight.


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 22 2007 12:41pm
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    good luck pc, gonna ride the fitch train. i find diego real annoying too, so i hope he gets ktfo.

    after watching some fights, i am going to limit my card to

    fitch -120

    taveras +135 really cant see griffin finishing this kid, but can see the opposite. think we get good value.

    ill leave my small play on nakamura but not real confident in it.


    posted by terpkeg

    Sept. 22 2007 3:52pm
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    Tyson Griffin $$$$

    Haven't checked the undercard yet.

    Fight of the year is now 2-0 ATS in the last two years.

    Congrats if you played it.


    posted by perrycomo

    Sept. 22 2007 11:49pm
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    I'm logged on as Como...this is PC7588$$$


    posted by perrycomo

    Sept. 22 2007 11:50pm
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    3-0 ATS on UFC 76

    Win..Fight of Year on Jon Fitch (Fight of Years now 2-0 in last 2 years)

    +5 units

    Win..Forrest Griffin

    +2.75 units

    Win..Tyson Griffin

    +1 unit

    3-0 +8.75 units...see ya in October for Hostile Territory Silva/Franklin II and Vera/Sylvia


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 25 2007 10:30pm

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