Yep, USC is # 1 and they have exACTly 30 days

to show us why they are # 1 !!!!! Will that 17 point favored over Va. Tech hold up ? This game is shaping up to be a EZ winner and I will tell you why !!!! Stay Tuned $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


posted by sundaybreak

July 30 2004 11:53pm

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    mr. break

    wassup bro?

    i will give you the winner.....................

    but you will have to wait til the blackberry gets squashed but awakens to enter the backdoor late after the western sun has set and gone home, he who enters thru the back door surprises many that follow the men into battle but does not finish the war going purely off strength of last winters storm . f#@!k that sunday........va tech covers on the backdoor bro

    and yes i $aid $o


    posted by kalind

    Aug. 2 2004 2:52am
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    Matt Leinart #1 QB in the nation

    Mike Williams #1 WR in theNation ( yes he will be playing)

    Reggie Bush, Lendale White, and Hershal Dennis the best RB core in the nation

    Patterson, Cody, Rucker, and whoever the best D Line int he country

    Carroll and Chow the best coaching tandum in the nation

    #1 recruiting class in the nation

    SC 1st h is the best bet on this game.

    48-17 final


    posted by dollarbillz1

    Aug. 2 2004 5:07pm
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    Lay off betting SC until the sexual assult investigation is finsihed. Right now they are reporting that 10-14 players broke curfew on Sunday to attend a party. At this party a women is saying she was sexually assulted and they are looking at one or more SC players. The name that has come up is Hershal Dennis. He is the worst out of the 3 RB's at SC. Also the Mike Williams reinstatement is up in the air. Hopefully the NCAA will rule friday. Right now Williams has left the team and is with family in florida. Carrol decided it was better for the team if Williams did not practice with them. He wanted to get the freshman as much work as possible before the opener against V Tech.


    posted by dollarbillz1

    Aug. 18 2004 6:24pm
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    they wasnt going to cover any way dollar.lol

    no way unless i see the line climb into the twenties

    va tech babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    by the way whats your line right now and what did it open at?


    posted by kalind

    Aug. 20 2004 2:48am
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    They would have destroyed V Tech if Williams was playing and they still might cover. My current line is 17.5. I'm only booking SC 1st h if I can get it at 10 or less. V Tech will have a lot of problems scoring on SC.


    posted by dollarbillz1

    Aug. 27 2004 3:17pm

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