What an absolute horse shit decision. I have watched this fight 5 times and tried to see it like the two judges did and have had no luck. If you go to UFC.COM and read the rules on how to score a MMA fight there is no possible way Bisping won. He made a mockery of himself post fight and lost the allegiance of many of his British fans. The UFC better fix this scoring problem before they lose all their fan base. I would love to check the bank accounts of the judges who scored it for Michael "The Cunt" Bisping. Thats my take...............


posted by ultimatecapper

Sept. 11 2007 10:25am

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    yea, i hear you. i had money on bisping(which can sometimes slant your view) and i thought there was no chance he took that fight, niether did anybody i watched the fight with. that was just shocking. ill take the freebie but you have to feel bad for hamill, he got robbed and took the decision like a man.


    posted by terpkeg

    Sept. 11 2007 6:52pm

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