TUF Finale

Lotta big lines tommorow, took me off a couple fights.

Playin Diaz -115 3 untis, throughout the show manny didnt show me the all around game that diaz did. he controlled fights, but imo he missed alot of chances and couldnt finish fights. if diaz hangs around he gets the sub eventually.

Also got action play on pulver +280 1 unit.

Dont know if anyone caught the strike force/elite xc card tonight. but it had some great fights. best card of seen in a while. cung le is somethin else. i swear they paid frykland to stand w/ him and put on a show.

And although shamrock/baroni and rua/villasenor went only two rounds a piece they were gweat fights


posted by terpkeg

June 23 2007 1:18am

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