Lines for tommorows UFN are out.

I was really lookin forward to playing spencer fisher in the main event but was kind suprised to see -260. dont know if i wanna pull the trigger after gettin beat up on favs the last 2 cards.

didnt have much of any opinion on the rest of the card. pete spratt as a dog caught my eye, but dont know much about opponet.

any thoughts guys???


posted by terpkeg

June 11 2007 5:17pm

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    researched the card tonight and caught some fights on youtube, didnt get to the main event but here is what i like on the undercard. was kinda dissapointed with what the ufc came up with for ufn and 72, thought they could generate better cards. also, would like to see tavares-black on the main card tommorow, but not gonna happen, anyway..

    Luke Caudillo+135 over Nate Mohr 2 units- mohr last four wins prior to losing his ufc debut were all knockouts against opp w/ rec of 6-24 combined according to ufc junkie. caudillo appears to have heavy hands himself and i predict a knockout.

    Pete Spratt+120 over Tamdan McCrory 1 unit- spratt is ufc vet, tm is 20 yo kid who has been fighting in what appeared to me as high school gyms. the kid looked to be a wild man with ko ability, but it didnt look like he was facing any comp. also, didnt appear to be as built as spratt. i predict spratt by sub.

    Forrest Petz+235 over Luigi Fioravanti .5 unit -takinig this more for the odds as hope for a competitive fight that can go either way.

    would love some opinions from any mma followers, hoprfully i can break my skid coming off 2 straight down cards.


    posted by terpkeg

    June 12 2007 12:51am
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    I'll post mine around 5:00..I got 2 I like tonight in the UFN...

    Man what a great week...

    Got UFN tonight and the Shield

    TUF Semi's on Thursday

    UFC on Saturday

    Good luck.


    posted by pc7588

    June 12 2007 12:24pm
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    Yo..wasn't the Shield final last week?


    posted by hilly

    June 12 2007 12:34pm
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    That sucks if it was..I missed last week.


    posted by pc7588

    June 12 2007 12:38pm
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    Yea Dude I'm sure it was. I got it on DVR but that doesn't help you. I'm sure it will re-run. It's a goodie!


    posted by hilly

    June 12 2007 12:40pm
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    BEST BET: What else Jon Fitch..but such high juice:

    Risking 325.00 to win 100.00

    Headliner: I like Stout to take him again. I'm just not impressed with Fisher other than his toughness. He is a very good fighter but Stout handled him in the first fight and is much more athletic. Ken Flo caught Stout badly and easily submitted him. If Fisher wins, I think it will be by submission. But I'm rollin the dog.

    1 unit to win 1.85 units.

    Sam Stout +185

    Jordan Radev +110 ML over Drew McFreides. The newcomer should look good over a guy who just can't seem to get his career going in the UFC.

    Risking 1 unit to win 1.1 unit on Jordan Radev.

    GL..not much on Saturday that gets my attention. Will have my card up on Friday and the lines on Thursday.

    Peace and good luck tonight.


    posted by pc7588

    June 12 2007 7:03pm
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    hopefully nobody tailed my plays as i put out another dud.

    picked up the win on petz, smallest play.

    according to sherdog, spratt dominated 1.5 rounds before getting caught.

    and looks like i was just dead wrong on my top play.

    will trail pc for on fitch and radev. was leaning towards fisher just bc he took first fight on less than week notice and just gassed in last round of close fight, but stout been traing at coutors camp working on game. will prolly play fisher since im a degenerate.

    will be back so you guys can fade me for ufc 72.


    posted by terpkeg

    June 12 2007 8:35pm

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