Kos/GSP fight

Kos will be fighting GSP at UFC 74 I believe. GSP has been talking shit of late. Totally changed the humble pie he ate after the Serra fight. Now says he did not train and was hurt before the fight. GSP and Sylvia are both butt buddies with the same story now. I do believe GSP will destroy Kos but these days who the fuck knows!!!!


posted by ultimatecapper

May 18 2007 11:41am

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    My opinion for this fight is this. Kos hits GSP and GSP goes down. It's been said a million times. The guy has no chin. And it would catch up to him. Well it did and KOS will show his speed when they fight. I certainly pray I am wrong. Cause I can't stand this dude. But GSP has nothing on KOS. They are equally as fast as each other. KOS is the best wrestler in the game. So why whould he want to take it to the ground. So he will stand up with him. And KOS is too fucking fast for him. Enough said. I see a first round KO in this one.

    PC I am sure you agree. I don't see it going any other way.




    posted by oakland4life

    May 19 2007 12:37am
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    You gotta stop speaking for me. St. Pierre would kick his ass up and down the Octagon. I don't agree at all. GSP is the kind of fighter that would give Koz fits and is much more athletic and has better strikes. Diego and GSP are on two different levels. Koz is in the middle, but I would lay on GSP in a second on that fight. We'll find out down the road.


    posted by pc7588

    May 19 2007 9:05am
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    Sorry Bro,

    Just spitting off there. By no means was I saying that's what your thoughts would be. So I apologize.


    posted by oakland4life

    May 19 2007 7:57pm
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    wat a bully


    posted by phantom

    May 19 2007 8:46pm
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    No big whoop Jimmy....look at phantom trying to stir up shit.

    Just remember he doesn't like the pale faces.


    posted by pc7588

    May 19 2007 10:24pm
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    haha.....dam its slow in here nowadays....we need some drama..... :wink:


    posted by phantom

    May 20 2007 12:53am

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