UFC FIght Night

I am playing 3 tonight

Risking 145.00 to win 100.00 on Drew Fickett

150.00 to win 220 on Melvin Guillard

Risking 50.00 to win 150.00 on Justin McCully.


Guillard over Stevenson in the headliner. There's some bad blood with the corners but that's irrelevant, it just adds to the fire. You have a complete athlete in Guillard (dude is a fricken rock) against a great ground and pounder in Joe Daddy Stevenson. Both of their careers have seen mixed success. I lost and was very impressed when Stevenson gave Yves Edwards, a world title holder, a serious beat down. Guillard is rocket quick but takes bold chances. I can guarantee you this one doesn't go to the score cards. Guillard is flash and awe, Slow and steady from Stevenson. Stevenson has better defense but man Guillard can end it quickly.

McCully is good value. He probably won't win, but in this game, I'll take the value all day.

Fickett is a solid but unspectaculer fighter. Japanese fighters are usually very tough and I honestly don't know much about this one. But Fickett needs an impressive showing and the octagon will be a home court tonight.

Good luck boyz...small small card for me...I have some nice takes on the shoot out in Houston.


posted by pc7588

April 5 2007 6:14pm

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    The 3:1 dog wins easily.

    Fickett wins easily.

    Let's go Melvin...not a fan of him but I hate Daddy even more. They are both punks. And Juice, your crazy if you think Diego is easy. They are both vastly improved from the TUF show, but did you know Diego got busted for pot late last year? just a slap on the wrist from the UFC even though they banned Theigo Alvess after testing positive for a "rubbing cream." I shit you not those are facts.

    Koz is much more than a wrestler. I'll bet you a round of golf on it if your feeling frisky. With the adjusted juice..I win..we go to windswept you win...it's on me at Holiday.


    posted by pc7588

    April 5 2007 9:06pm
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    Bet is on!!!!!! If Diego kncks him out you buy me a sleeve of Pro V1's!!!


    posted by ultimatecapper

    April 6 2007 2:14pm
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    2-1 ATS +100.00

    Won 150.00 on McCully

    Won 100.00 on Fickett

    Lost 150.00 on Melvin Guillard

    Another profitable night in the Octagon. My fight picks are unpopular with this forum for Saturday night, but I like that. I was the only one St. Pierre, the only on Couture, etc...you guys throw your money down on Diego, he could very well win. But don't think it's easy. Koz is a great wrestler better than the Las Cruces's native's high school background. I know a few people from Diego's home time and they are bad asses down in New Mexico, but Koz is in the head and I really think he either loses a close decision or wins a close decision. But saying Diego is easy tonight and he's gonna knock Koz out is insane. Diesel...jesus that dude is done. When's the last time he won in the Octagon? I'll give Diego Karo..that was an impressive win, but both of these fighters have their hardest fight year to date today. We'll see how it goes down.

    Good luck to all except ultimate capper. I want my free round of golf.


    posted by pc7588

    April 7 2007 9:20am

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