UFC 69 Shoot out in Houston

Not a bad card so far..I'm very excited about the Koz/nightmare battle. As long as they put together a good undercard, this should be worthwhile. I'm going to probably skip that joke of a card in England on UFC 70, but looking forward to this one.

Opening lines for the two headliners:


Apr 07







posted by pc7588

March 9 2007 1:06pm

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    I'll be throwing mine out tomorrow...



    $1000 LIMITS


    8:30 PM4 /07 /07






    7:45 PM4 /07 /07






    8:10 PM4 /07 /07






    7:30 PM4 /07 /07






    7:00 PM4 /07 /07






    5:00 PM4 /07 /07






    5:00 PM4 /07 /07






    5:00 PM4 /07 /07






    5:00 PM4 /07 /07







    posted by pc7588

    April 5 2007 6:15pm
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    ....I'm a little surprised at the Luke Cummo/Josh Haynes fight. If you watched the Ultimate Fighter...Haynes competed at light heavyweight and Cummo at 171....that's a 30 pound discrepency....and your tellin me Cummo's favored?

    Want some feedback on that one boys...I must be missing something other than the obvious...Cuommo must be maintaining at his weight class and Haynes is cutting...


    posted by pc7588

    April 5 2007 6:28pm
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    As we all know, anything can happen in MMA. One lapse and you can be choked out even if you are a 10-1 favorite!!! I still believe there is no fucking way Matt Sera can beat G.S.P. If I had the cash flow to lay 12 large to win a dime I would. People think Matt Serra is the bomb because he was extremely vocal during the t.v show. He may know his shit in the form of coaching, but as far as the skill level needed to beat a fighter like G.S.P, Serra just does not have it.

    If you put a gun to my head and said I had to bet it, I would put a hundred bucks on Serra because I am a pussy!!!!!!!!

    I am going to bet only one fight on this card. I love Diego to kick the crap out of Koz. There is bad blood involved here. According to Koz, Sanchez "dissed" him and basically has talked shit since Ultimate Fighter 1. Deal with it Josh. Step into the ring, get your ass kicked, collect your 15k, and remain the cry baby bitch you are. Diego Sanchez by TKO in the 2nd......

    I also like Swick to lose....just a feeling


    posted by ultimatecapper

    April 5 2007 9:00pm
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    My 2 cents fellas,

    Serra can win this fight if it goes to the ground. Other than that he has no chance. His reach is going to play against him unfortunately. But he has all the skill to beat anyone in that weight class. He never stops throwing punches, kicking, stomping, elbows. That will work in his favor. The reason G.S.P. will win this. His reach will overwhelm Serra and so will his strenghth.

    I think Diego kicks Kos' ass too. He has been working with De La Hoya's boxing coach and strength and conditioning coach. The guy has been working hard. Stand up or on the ground he will beat Kos. Kos is a punk that hasn't fought anyone. And anyone he has fought he has lost too.

    Yo PC what did you think about the Florian fight last night. He is a badass. His leg was just about snapped in half and he wouldn't tap. That guy has no business being on a fight night. He should be a pay per view guy all the way. I will look at the lines and throw some stuff out there tomorrow too. I think the lines stink for this card. But we can still make some money.




    posted by oakland4life

    April 6 2007 10:13am
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    Bet the card the way I do and you almost always make money.

    I disagree with this board here's my card:

    Mike Swick for 3 Units (-125) (BEST BET) You guys are nuts if you think Swick will lose to Yushin Okami in his home state. Get over it and realize Swick is the real deal. He's athletic, he has heavy hands, his take down defense is superb. He's fighting an athlete, not a fighter tonight. Swick's conditioning will get us a submission in the 3rd.

    Josh Koschneck 1 Unit (+190)

    Best fight on the card except for Cummo/Haynes which we won't get to see tonight. So you guys think Diego is just gonna destroy him huh? We'll see. Koz is the better wrestler and the better athlete. Diego is the better striker and has better submissions. Koz and Diego fought on fight night and if you go look at that fight don't tell me Diego is gonna dominate him. He might win, but Koz is in his head and will either win a decision or get screwed on a decision. I can't see either guy tapping because of their ground skills.

    Heath Herring -275 1 Unit (This is my best bet but why bother with a -275 fav)

    This cat loses in the UFC again and he's out. Imes hasn't fought in over a year. Tough first fight back. Herring was a pride fighter and if you read his interviews about his first fight in the UFC, you will see that tonight might put Imes back in the hospital. I personlly think Herring is a top 7 heavyweight but his UFC debut was a shocker as he lost a 3 round decision in one of the most boring fights I've ever seen.

    Kendall Grove -145 1 Unit

    I won on Da Spyder twice so far, I'll keep riding him and his Team Punishment training (team punishment hit for us as a 3:1 dog on Thursday as posted with McCully). I really don't like Ortiz, but I respect the hell out of his fight camp. Dean Lister, Justin MCCully, Kendall Grove are all doing well under the Team Punishment banner. I expect Kendall to win by submission tonight.

    I never back this many reality fighters, but Koz is in Diego's head. Watch the weigh in clip on UFC.tv or the clips on Sherdog. Juice, no Pro V1's bet but I will enjoy my free round tomorrow at Windswept.

    Good luck boys...hit em straight.


    posted by pc7588

    April 7 2007 8:52am
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    One of the BEST UFC's ever..

    Congrats Serra..that was amazing.

    I went 3-1 but a basic push as my best bet lost.

    Diego is over rated..now you see how to beat him. Koz is gonna be a tough out for anyone..and if your not an athlete..forget it.

    man what a great fight card. That Serra beatdown was amazing.

    Hey Ultimate Capper..thanks for the free round of golf.


    posted by pc7588

    April 8 2007 12:38am
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    That was a great card. I was happiest seeing punk ass Swick get his face pushed in. I hate that guy. He is soooooo fucking arrogant. And the most overrated fighter out there.

    Diego and Kos, good lord was that a sleeper of a fight. One guy landed 10 punches and the other guy landed 2. Kos looked very bad and so did Diego. Props to Kos though. After he took Diego down and then got his take down reversed immediately he didn't try that again. Kos definately knew how to beat Diego. But to call Diego overrated is stupid. He just isn't in Kos' level with stand up. Kos didn't throw those wild punches in this fight. This is the first fight I have seen him throw straight punches the entire time. But I gotta give props to Diego's chin. Most other fighters would have went down on a few of those. Still it was a boring ass fight.

    Serra is a stud. That guy can hit hard. I only regret not listening to my brother on that one. He put a 100 on that guy and I should have done the same thing. But oh well. I didn't.

    Good stuff guys. That london card looks like it should be good.

    PC good call on the Kos fight. I was scared for Diego. I just think Kos is such a punk and I didn't think it would go that way. Oh well. I don't see Diego ever beating that guy. I still won't say Kos is better. Just has the perfect game plan against him. But props to you. You did call it.




    posted by oakland4life

    April 8 2007 10:54am
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    I'll argue all day that guy sucks. Look who he has beaten.I'll give him Karyo the heat Parisyan..but he has major holes in his game. Koz is clearly the better fighter both at stand up and wrestling.

    Agreed on Serra,that was absolutely amazing.

    Cro Cop fight might be the next big upset. Don't count out Gonzaga who is one of the more underrated fighters in MMA.

    I'm also liking the Pit Bull to lose.

    Have a good one fellas...we'll continue the Diego debate next time he fights a quality fighter..They are going to give him a layup to get his career back on track.

    I loved the post fight interview too with Rogan. Koz was happy to give him that L...and I'm still buzzed about Serra..man that was amazing.


    posted by pc7588

    April 8 2007 1:00pm
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    I have watched the Sanchez/Kos fight 3 times now thanks to DVR. I believe it was one of the most boring fights I have ever seen. Neither fighter looked very impressive. However a win is a win.

    Swick was completely dominated by a better fighter period.

    Kendall Grove looked fantastic.

    Josh Haynes got his dick handed to him.

    G.S.P got caught. Matt Serra should enjoy it while it lasts!!! How happy was Matt Hughes? He knows he can not beat G.S.P but Matt Sera should be easy pickings for him. G.S.P is the class of UFC. Never anything bad to say. He will get another shot.

    Hearing and Imes should switch over to WWE. It's their only shot at ever making any money....

    All in all a dull fight night in my opinion. Serra fight was exciting as well as Huerta bout. Others were relatively boring. I am looking forward to Liddell/Jackson card. Very curious to see who will be fighting that night. Seems as if the fights that transpire in Vegas always bring about a better vibe.


    posted by ultimatecapper

    April 8 2007 2:22pm
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    Yo PC,

    I'll give you that Diego is not as good as a 19-1 record shows. But to say he is overrated is wrong. He has fought better opponents than Kos. And Kos' 2 good fighters he has fought, one beat him and one he beat. So if you bust on one for the quality opponents you gotta bust on them both. Diego also kicked Nick Diaz's butt too. And that guy is just a freak on the ground and Diego beat him on the ground. Kos just fought the perfect style of fight to beat Diego. And unfortunately for Diego he probably won't ever beat him cause of that. But it wasn't a dominating performance by any means. Kos should be proud but not that proud. I have been to a few other sites and they are all saying the same thing.




    posted by oakland4life

    April 8 2007 6:24pm
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    Good point Jimmy on Koz's quallity of opposition as well. But hey, he fights who they put in front of him. We'll see how good he is on his next fight.

    Think about this...Diego laid back the whole night. Where was the nightmare that went after Kayro? He knew if he attacked that Koz would dominate him with strikes and takedowns. I agree with you in that Diego will have a very hard time fighting a guy like Koshcneck. I just don't like the dude so I'm glad he lost. Maybe next time he'll learn to be more aggressive. Josh did what he had to do to win.

    And Juice, your dead on Okami. That dude looked great. You hear swick after the first round? "That guy is strong." I'm interested to see how the UFC/Pride merger works with belts. Will they unify them or keep em separate? And are we going to have any more 1 night tourneys or Grand Prix's now. I personally wish they were separate entities, but at least we'll get the best fighting the best.

    Serra might be the biggest title holder underdog in the UFC in his next fight.

    And yeah, that Huerta fight was amazing. Garcia is one tough mofo.

    See you fellas on 4/20 for UFC 70 in wanker land.


    posted by pc7588

    April 8 2007 7:15pm
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    Did Diego and Koz even have a fight?


    posted by ultimatecapper

    April 8 2007 11:11pm
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    Yo PC,

    I am not a Kos fan and that's why I bag on him so much. I see your point about Diego alot. I was a huge fan of Kos during the ultimate fighter. But then I figured out why he was having so many problems with the other guys in the house. Cause he is a prick. Diego is just self confident. But 9 times out of 10 he won't bag on anyone else. He just puts himself up on a pedastool. Which isn't cool either. He will never beat Kos in my opinion again. Kos did expose Diego. You can beat him on his feet if your faster than him. Diego needs to work on speed and he will be okay.

    The next card looks great. I am definately going to be taking 2 underdogs. Not cause I think they will definately win. I just can't see betting on the favorites. There is no money in it. And the underdogs definately have a chance. I feel bad for Forrest not getting a chance to fight cause of his knee injury. This guy would have given Forrest fits. This would have been his second hardest opponent. I am excited to see Mike B fight again too. He is a beast. But he is stepping in with a very good opponent too.

    My brother and I are going to try and book a flight to one of the Las Vegas shows. PC your in Florida too right. Maybe we can all get flights to go out there sometime. I have never been to Vegas anyways. I am excited to go. It would be a badass time. Let me know.




    posted by oakland4life

    April 9 2007 10:48am
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    Ultimate capper has the hook on vegas tickets. Hit em up on a PM but I know he/we are talkning about going to Chuck/Quinton if work isn't killing us that weekend. (Memorial Day)

    As for Elvis Sinosic..Bisping will destroy him. Remember how bad Forrest looked stopping him with amateur haymakers. Unless you know something I don't, Elvis is just cannon fodder for the hometown hero. I think Bisping is legit, but they aren't going to give him a big name to start. I would love to see him fight Jardine.....that would tell a lot about both fighters immediately. I'm really wondering if Jardine is a top 5 contender. I'm dying to see him fight someone OTHER than another reality fighter.

    Anyways..good to see the buzz on the UFC...That really was a good card in my opinion. And I for one enjoy the Koz/Diego kind of fights. One take down won that fight with about 3 good punches. A buddy of mine brought up a good point...maybe Diego just got too high. I know it sounds funny but that didn't look anything like the guy who went after Diesel or the heat.

    Take care...Juice...Chuck/Quinton?


    posted by pc7588

    April 9 2007 2:29pm

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