MLB Handicapping Contest:

2007 Gotpicks Handicapping contest.

**100% of all entry fees goes back to contestants.

Entry Fee: 50.00 payable to contest treasurer, Ricky at Gotpicks.

We will use the first 19 weeks of the MLB season that Starts Sunday April 1'st.

Each day I will post the lines to be used for the contest. There are no substitutes, you will use the lines posted each day.

Each handicapper will post 4 plays a week. They will be on a one unit system. They can play all 4 in one day, one a day, whatever you want. However, you will only be allowed 4 posts a week.

Each pick is worth 1 unit or 100.00. So..if you bet -150 ML on the yanks and lose,you will be counted at -150 for that play. If your pick is Tampa Bay +220 and you hit..you will be counted at +220. This contest is not BEST record, but best unit total.

After Week 12, the field will be cut down to the best 6 unit totals CTD (Contest to Date).

After Week 17, the field will be cut down to the best 4 unit totals CTD (Contest to Date) Important to note..we do not reset records after any cut. All records are based on YTD totals in the contest.

Week 18 will start a head to head final four based on seedings. The #1 overall handicapper YTD will face the #4 handicapper YTD and the #2 handicapper will face the #3 handicapper YTD.

Week 19 of MLB will be the finals and 3rd place game.


** All games ( 4 total in a week) have to be on a ML side play or a total play. In the event of a game not going the full 9 innings, the game will be NO ACTION in our contest and will not count. The game must go a full 9 innings.

** If there is a listed pitching change the game is a NO ACTION in our contest and will not count.

** Picks must be submitted 15 minutes BEFORE the first day game. Any game in the Eastern Time Zone that starts before 6:00PM EST is classified as a day game. All night picks must be submitted by 7:00PM EST. A night game is defined as a game that starts AFTER 7:00PM EST.

basically, get all day game in picks 15 minutes before the first game and all night picks 15 minutes before the 7:00PM EST games.

**You can play all 4 of your plays in a day, 2 on one day, whatever you want. BUT IT WILL ALWAYS BE 4 PLAYS A WEEK. You can not have 3 one week and 5 the next week.

**Anyone that does not have 4 plays each week will be penalized -1 unit for each play that does not go off.

**We will take the All Star break week off. however, everyone is elgible for 1 play (1 unit) on the All star game. Either ML side or a play on the over/under.

**In the event of a tie breaker for when we cut the field, here is the tie breakers:

1st tie-breaker: Best UNIT TOTAL IN WEEK 11.

2nd tie-breaker: Of all teams tied who has the best 1 Week total in Weeks 1-11.

Prize Pool Distribution:

15 entrants @50.00 = $750.00

50.00 donation to gotpicks for paypal fees at payout time =$700.00

1st Place:

**(60%) $420.00 in cash

**Gotpicks Trophy donated by PC

**Free room in Vegas if you choose to go to Vegas for NFL opening week. I, PC7588, the contest moderator picks the room. (And no, it won't be the Westward Ho Como!) Most likely wherever the rest of us are staying.

2nd Place:

**(25%) $175.00

**$100.00 free play in Vegas NFL opening week on PC...must be in Vegas to collect on NFL opening weekend in 07.

3rd Place:

**(15%) $105.00

** $50.00 free play in Vegas NFL opening week on PC...must e in Vegas to collect on NFL opening weekend in 07.

4'th place:

A set of Steak Knives

5'th place:

Your Fired!

(borrowed 4'th and 5'th from one of my favorite movies, no actual steak knives and no, you won't be fired.)

Examples of Plays:

PC's mythical card for week 1:

Seattle -125 Ml A's ........L (-125)

KC +220 ML..................W (+220)

Milwaukee over 8 1/2 -120...L (-120)

Yanks under 9 +100 ............W (+100)

If those were my four plays for the week my total for that week would be +75.00 for Week 1. My record for week 1 would be +75.00.


**Listed pitchers must go. If there is a pitching change, no action.

**You must list the Team you are playing on and the line from the post above.

**You must use the lines I have posted

**Once you post a play, it is final, any post that is edited by anyone other than PC7588 or Ricky will be considered a no action.

**You can not post a play on a team and then pull it off the board. Once it is posted, it is final. So, with that being said, make sure they are what you want when they go up. We will not allow you to change your mind after posting. (This is to insure fairness so that people will not change their plays based on what a competitor is doing.)

GL everyone...we will start with Week 1 rollin on the Sunday night game through the following Sunday night. MLB starts the season on a Sunday night. All weeks run Monday thru Sunday with Monday being the start of a new week.

If I missed anything I'll re edit this post. I cleaned up the thread by deleting all non relevant posts after we got people signed up. We currently have 14 playes with Superfly Snuka and 15 with Honicky. Contest is full. If either Snuka or Honicky don't settle up (which they both will, I play fantasy with Snuka and he's timely and Honicky is the same way) we will re do the prize money based on 14 entrants.

Ricky...can you give me a sticky for standings so I can post a League standings on the players?

PC's side action:

3-10-07..current balance: Como 2 breakfasts PC 0

Pending wagers:

**Best finish in the PC MLB Handicapping Invitational (How's that Como for a name).....Dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grille NFL opening weekend.

**The Seattle mariners to finish at 500 or above.>PC Yes, Como NO..breakfast at the Mille


posted by pc7588

Feb. 18 2007 11:53am

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    Confirmed and paid:



    Team of Destiny












    I think they are playing:





    posted by ricky

    March 9 2007 12:30pm
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    slow down on the hijinx. Boy that didn't take long did it?

    Speaking of which...why no fancy kick-ass name for this contest like "Picks that Click"? How do expect this thing to blow up if you don't market it properly? While we're on the subject... tell Timbo I'm callin' him out. Nevermind, he's probably too busy pulling all-nighters breaking down Hokie roundball. And Billz? No chance he'll join now. He ran from me in PTC - of course it turned out to be the right decision - but damn... I NEEDS ME SOME OF THAT SWEEEEET BILLZ MONEY.

    Guess I have to mention T.O.D. too. Dude, promise me you'll use one them thar systems to make your picks, aye? Now go get your white suit pressed - the season's about to start.

    And out of sheer respect for the cult figure Rosario; SIR, I promise that I'll tone it down - that is, unless I'm provoked. Truth be told, I'm still reeeeeeling from your Puerto Rickian Miracle on the Gridiron. Freakin' ridiculous...

    Looking forward to it!


    posted by perrycomo

    March 10 2007 12:04am
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    First and foremost, where we do we stand with the breakfast bets? I know I just won another one.

    Second...if you call "timbo" out, remember this is GP home of the multi ID log on. So..use any of that person's multiple ID's, because as you know, we all have about 40 on here.

    Third..Your on tough guy. But let's raise the stakes to...

    Oh I dont know...

    let's say DINNER at Bradley Ogden's or Bobby Flay's in Vegas. Or better yet, a tab in the world famous Peppermill Sportsbook.

    Fourth..Did ya read right? You take home the grail and you get free board in Vegas NFL opening week. I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HAVE THAT OVER ME FOR THE ENTIRE FOOTBALL SEASON>

    So I implore all of you, don't let this nun smoking, left wing electric car lovin, Fake grass owning hater win this contest. It's personal now Como...if there was an airport around I would ..oh never mind.

    Have a good day players. I think you will enjoy the banter more than the contest.


    posted by pc7588

    March 10 2007 8:42am
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    when has it NOT been personal? lol

    So, we're ratcheting up the meal to din-din now? Well, being a big fan of the conspiracy card... WHO exactly is pickin' the games? PRECISELY. So due to the inherit advantage, I think that I'll... OK fine - Flay's it is. It'll make for an even more bitter pill for your right-wing, Bush-teat sucking, chaw-drooling self to swallow. This ain't the Mo Valley mofo. I'm currently up 2 breakFEASTs with the "Seattle Mariner .500" bet pending. And yes that includes the Nadal debacle.

    BTW, I'm sure Matt Hughes would be thrilled to see that your avatar has made him look fatter than Aretha Franklin...


    posted by perrycomo

    March 10 2007 11:50am
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    slam told me he is sending me a check today.


    posted by ricky

    March 12 2007 6:53pm
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    ...We are extending the contest to 20 contestants. Slam wants in and if I remember right Cruisin and Sunday were interested as well. So..with that being said..we got 15....we'll close it at 20 paid contestants OR ON March 24'th, whichever comes first. I will re do the payouts based on final entrants.

    GL PLAYERS.....


    posted by pc7588

    March 12 2007 9:56pm
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    I paid Ricky on Monday...


    posted by slam

    March 22 2007 11:33am
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    PAPELBON RETURNS TO THE BULLPEN FOR THE BOSOX.....Sox are gonna roll this year boys!! PC, I like the AC on high!!!


    posted by thebigmessy

    March 23 2007 10:42am
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    Slam, your all good, Ricky said he got it awhile ago.

    Contest closes on the 24'th...anyone else interested?

    Yo...Messy..I told my boss 8 months ago that the Sox would move Papelbahn back when they figured out they HAD NO RELIEF.

    The same reason you didn't make the playoffs is the same reason you won't in 07:

    Bullpen can't finish games

    your middle infield back to Coco is terrible defensively.

    I have this standing wager with every Red Sox fan I know (and I hate the yankees but you gotta take free money)

    I'll bet whoever that the Yanks finish with a better record than the Sox.

    I'll bet whoever the Yanks go further in the playoffs than the Sox.

    I'm not hating but I'm in a fantasy league that has about 6 Red Sox fans. Madx34 (one of the most intelligent and well respected Sox fans I've ever met) can attest to this..but they are all IDIOTS when it comes to their team. They all talk mad trash, yet when the money ball comes out...they just bang on my Royals and ask why I won't bet them against Sox.

    So..my hatred is based on the fact that for PC, every Red Sox fan he has met (except for madx34 from this site) will talk trash all day about their team and how much the Yanks suck, but when it comes time to bet, they are suddenly silent.

    So...all you Red Sox fans out there...you want any action on who wins the East? Or who goes further in the playoffs? ...I believe the phrase is..."I'll be your huckleberry$$$"

    and messy this isn't directed towards you, I just got done yakkin with my boss who tells me the Sox should win between 105 and 110 games this year. He seems to think matsuzaka, Schills, and Beckett will each win between 18-20 games..no lie..exact words. That hasn't happened in baseball in a looonnnngggg time.

    I'm off my Sox bashing box. Feel free to heap up on my Royals, but hey, what can you say that isn't already true? I'll be running through the streets naked if we're over 500%

    GIL MECHE$$$$


    posted by pc7588

    March 23 2007 3:54pm
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    Can you post the final paid contestants for the contest?


    RIP Kansas Jayhawks

    Start in a little over a week fellas...

    **We'll have a daily thread with the lines posted for each day of the contest. You are responsible for posting on the correct day.

    **When you post your play, post the team, no line, no pitcher, just the teams or the total from the listed odds at the top of each daily thread.

    **Any game that does not go FULL or is suspended for a later date is no action.

    **If there is a pitching change from the lines posted, the game is a no action and you are not penalized but must use the pick.

    **Weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday EXCEPT for week 1 which begins on Sunday and Runs through the following Sunday.

    **Remember the All Star break is a week off but you get a 1 unit play if you choose to use it (losses count) on the side or total of the all star game. If you choose not to make a play, you won't get penalized -1 unit.

    I think that covers all the questions I got these past few weeks. Looking forward to it.



    posted by pc7588

    March 24 2007 9:58pm
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    PC, I'm all over that Sox/Yanks bet if it's still out there. Yes, i am a diehard Sox fan but i'm not blind. The Yanks piss me off every year because they are so good. Not that i think the Yankees suck this year but I believe the Sox have better pitching and enough offense to win more games. If your interested let me know. I would love to put some coin on the home team!



    posted by bonestix

    March 26 2007 9:38am
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    Confirmed and paid:



    Team of Destiny















    posted by ricky

    March 27 2007 10:11am
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    so a 5.5 inning game is not counted as a full game even though it's in the books as a completed game.

    and say you have a late sunday game as your final pick and there is a pitching change or rain out, so there is no chance to use that pick which results in a loss of 1 unit.



    posted by newman12

    March 29 2007 5:54pm
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    If you wait til Sunday and you get rained out or a pitching change, you get the -1 unit.

    Also, no 1/2 game lines, the only plays we are using is ML plays on sides and the total plays for a full 9 innings.

    Players will have to post by 10:30AM CST for day games and 5:30PM CST for night games. On the rare occasion that there are earlier games (memorial Monday, etc) than 11:00AM CST, I will move it up to 30 minutes before first pitch.

    GL everyone..I'll have us ready to roll this Saturday underneath the MLB handicapping contest thread.

    Let's rolL$$$$$


    posted by pc7588

    March 30 2007 2:05pm
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    ya i was thinking about a game that may be rained out in the 7th or 8th it's officially a game but did not go 9


    posted by newman12

    March 30 2007 2:14pm
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    Wheew closr one.. UNDER $$


    posted by hilly

    April 1 2007 10:52pm
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    Good hit on CWS slammo I rode that bad boy +159!!


    posted by hilly

    April 10 2007 11:20am
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    thank you and good luck been riding you since day 1 of the contest AWSOM


    posted by coolrick1

    April 10 2007 11:36am
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    Lets go fellas!! We are a combined negative $1,142.00 to date. Lets go I hope we can do better than that!!!


    posted by hilly

    April 25 2007 10:43am

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