As predicted UFC 67 was a joke from a betting standpoint. However, UFC 68 looks great and I love the Ronato Sobral fight. Hughes is also taking on Chris Lytle and they have yet to name Ace's opponent. Good to see some other UFCers starting to post. I'm a cash machine in this sport, but I always like hearing everyone's take, even if I don't agree. Anyways, we got Couture/Sylvia as the headliner and CroCop has already stated he's ready for his title shot. We'll see how it all goes down in Ohio. I keep petitioning UFC to bring a pay per view to North Florida on our beautiful beaches but Zuffa just isn't listening.

Peace...March 3'rd is right around the corner. We'll start working on this card in a few weeks when the full lines go up.



posted by pc7588

Feb. 6 2007 9:39am

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    I know it looks sloppy, but after a lackluster UFC67 this one looks great. And even better, I might have tix which would be great as I get to see Hughes....anyways..one of my favorite fighters and up and comer Jon Fitch is on the undercard and some great fights on the horizon for UFC 68 as well. Sanchez vs Koz will be a great one on that card.

    See you fellas in a couple of weeks on this UFC>

    Tim Sylvia Vs. Randy Couture

    Name: Tim Sylvia

    Height: 6.8

    Weight: 265

    Record: 24-2-0

    "The Maine-iac" Name: Randy Couture

    Height: 6.2

    Weight: 205

    Record: 14-8-0

    "The Natural"

    Chris Lytle Vs. Matt Hughes

    Name: Chris Lytle

    Height: 5.11

    Weight: 170

    Record: 18-12-5

    "Lights Out" Name: Matt Hughes

    Height: 5.9

    Weight: 169

    Record: 41-4-0

    Drew McFedries Vs. Martin Kampmann

    Name: Drew McFedries

    Height: 6.0

    Weight: 205

    Record: 4-1-0

    Name: Martin Kampmann

    Height: 6.0

    Weight: 185

    Record: 7-1-0

    "The Hitman"

    Rich Franklin Vs. Jason MacDonald

    Name: Rich Franklin

    Height: 6.1

    Weight: 185

    Record: 22-2-0

    "Ace" Name: Jason MacDonald

    Height: 6.3

    Weight: 185

    Record: 18-7-0

    "The Athlete"

    Jason Lambert Vs. Renato Sobral

    Name: Jason Lambert

    Height: 5.10

    Weight: 205

    Record: 22-5-0

    "The Punisher" Name: Renato Sobral

    Height: 6.1

    Weight: 205

    Record: 27-6-0


    Rex Holman Vs. Matt Hamill

    Name: Rex Holman

    Height: n/a

    Weight: 0


    Name: Matt Hamill

    Height: 6.1

    Weight: 205

    Record: 3-0-0

    "The Hammer"

    May not be broadcast. Click for details.

    Jon Fitch Vs. Luigi Fioravanti

    Name: Jon Fitch

    Height: 6.0

    Weight: 170

    Record: 16-2-0

    Name: Luigi Fioravanti

    Height: 5.8

    Weight: 185

    Record: 9-1-0

    May not be broadcast. Click for details.

    Gleison Tibau Vs. Jason Dent

    Name: Gleison Tibau

    Height: 5.10

    Weight: 170

    Record: 23-2-0

    Name: Jason Dent

    Height: 5.9

    Weight: 155

    Record: 12-6-0


    May not be broadcast. Click for details.

    Jason Gilliam Vs. Jamie Varner

    Name: Jason Gilliam

    Height: n/a

    Weight: 0


    Name: Jamie Varner

    Height: 5.8

    Weight: 155

    Record: 9-1-0

    "The Worm"

    May not be broadcast. Click for details.


    posted by pc7588

    Feb. 8 2007 6:34pm
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    PC. Whats up man, Just started posting on the site. Im making the drive from Rochester NY to Columbus for the fight. got my tickets a few weeks ago. Not sure how my view will be but Im not that far back, I am a big Hughes fan and was disappointed in his last fight vr's St pierre but I think the better fighter won that one that night. Cant wait for your take on some of the fights. First fight live for me and I cant wait, gonna be a crazy night. Out.


    posted by shoey2709

    Feb. 9 2007 4:41pm
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    man i think randy gonna get his ass whooped on-- way out of his league with this fight-- cant wait to see the lines


    posted by madcappa1

    Feb. 9 2007 5:43pm
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    Hey Guys,

    I think you should watch out for Coture. Remember he has a chin. He took out Liddel a while back. And he took his best shots. Coture is very very smart and can wrestle with the best of him. My only question is how old did he get. He hasn't fought for a while and that bugs me. But in the same breath I think Sylvia is a chump. And my thoughts on this one is Dana White put Coture here to take the belt. What would be better than seeing CroCop vs Coture. I think that would be so badass. If the line is right I am taking Coture on this one. If they are close to equal I am staying away.

    I am also curious to see what the line on Macdonald and Franklin is. That should be a great fight. Macdonald can fight. And Franklin is coming off that total ass whooping. He could be leary. Be smart on this one too.




    posted by oakland4life

    Feb. 12 2007 3:21pm
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    BETCRIS has two of them up...

    8:30 PM

    31951RANDY COUTURE +235

    TIM SYLVIA -275

    8:30 PM3195331954CHRIS LYTLE +550

    MATT HUGHES -650


    posted by pc7588

    Feb. 13 2007 9:52am
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    We finally got the opening lines. As many of you know, I'm a huge Jon Fitch fan, but this is an interesting fight for him. We will cash yet again on UFC if you play em like I do...take care and good luck


    251252RANDY COUTURE +240

    TIM SYLVIA -290 8:30 PM

    CHRIS LYTLE +525

    MATT HUGHES -650







    REX HOLMAN+250



    JON FITCH -335

    JASON DENT +200

    GlEISON TIBAU -240


    posted by pc7588

    Feb. 28 2007 12:16pm
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    I'll have my fight picks up around 5:00PM CST tonight. The lines are making it tough for us to cash, but I think I've identified some dogs to do some damage.

    Big question: If you had to pick one, who will lose? Franklin, Hughes, or Sylvia?

    One of the big 3 is going down tonight if not 2. Let's see how it unfolds. Back and posting after my golf game.

    peace out.


    posted by pc7588

    March 3 2007 9:53am
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    The lines are not very friendly to the big guy so I may layoff all but one. I DO think HUghes wins but not for that kind of money. The Question is, How old did Randy get?? Is the Maine-iac gonna be too much for him in his return fight?? Sylvia has been winning but there is nothing exciting about his fights...I see him holding off Randy and possibly connecting with a bomb and ending it early....

    Tim "The MAINE-IAC" Sylvia -290


    posted by thebigmessy

    March 3 2007 11:22am
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    All right, yata, yata, yata..if you read this forum you know I do well in this event. The standard disclaimer: YOU BET EXACTLY HOW I DO, you should be in the positive at the end of the night.


    Fight 1:


    This cat is lurking and waiting for the dust to settle in his class. He is top notch on the ground and has great mechanics. I'm tellin ya, Jon Fitch will be holding a belt for the UFC at some point.

    1 units on Jon Fitch to win.

    PREDICTION: 2nd round submission from a rear naked choke.

    Risking 355.00 to win 100.00

    Fight 2:

    Matt Hammill this. He is going to lose this fight. His conditioning is a joke and he's a feel good story. The camp wasn't that intense with Tito's loss to Chuck..his training is suspect. My point...welcome to a quality opponent Matt Hammill...I would be very surprised if Hammill dominates this fight. He might win, but I'll take the great value on this.


    Risking 150.00 to win 330.00

    Fight 3:

    Sure I'll bite, I'll take Jason Dent for 1 unit @ +190. He doesn't have a UFC pedigree, but I know of him from before that. His only UFC fight was 3 round decision to phenom Roger Huerta..who I think is a huge up and comer in his division. Dent is fighting at his natural weight class where as Tibau dropped to this weight and barely made weight. I'll take the exceptionally conditioned fighter over the guy who had to cut weight and then eat again. IF Dent can get to the 3rd, I like him to win by submission.


    Risking 100.00 to win 190.00

    Fight #4:

    I will go against Ace tonight and roll on Jason MacDonald +370. Read my last posts, call me and let me rant, Ultimate Capper has heard my theory on this for months. We are both in agreement that this is huge value. This is a great fight for MacDonald who is rapidly climbing the ladder as well. Remember how easy we cashed on MacDonald at +180 against Leban? This guy has done well for us (2-0 ATS on posted) and I love the spot he's in. If he can beat Leban in the Crippler's hometown of Sin City, he can beat Ace in Ohio. especially since Franklin hasn't fought since his nose got waxed as we cashed on The Spider. Anyways, MacDonald is fresh and his camp is excellent. Keith Jardine is in the same camp that produced the shocking first round knockout of Forrest Griffin. I'm tellin ya, MacDonald will stalll and get out of the 1st to quiet the crowd and frustrate Franklin. Then he's gonna win the next 2 rounds on the ground. Ultimate Capper brought up a good point to me...who in the hell has Franklin fought? He kicked the shit out of Loasiou..who is 0-2 since, but has dominated nobodys and 2nd tier fighters. You see Franklin escape with a decision or get lucky, but I really think MacDonald is gonna win this fight by decision.


    Risking 100.00 to win 370.00

    Main Event and Best Bet:

    Messy, let's just keep disagreeing on the Main Events. I'll take captain America. I know you love your boy from the Northeast, but Couture wouldn't fight if he didn't think he could win. His last loss was to Chuck Lidell, and I don't think Sylvia is in that class. The Maine Iac is bigger, taller, and has better reach, but if Couture avoids the haymakers, he can very easily submit those long assed limbs. Every loss Sylvia has seems to be a submission and you've got an Olympic class wrestler who used to fight in the all weight class divisions in different organizations. Captain America wins another belt (maybe even scripted Messy, remember my theory) and pulls the upset tonight.


    Risking 200.00 to win 460.00

    Good luck and enjoy the card.


    Sobral takes care of business in the first round.

    Kampmann wins by a bloody knock out.

    Hughes destroys Lytle with ground and pound

    A decent card tonight, looking for the upsets to make it a good night. I just need 2 and Fitch to hit.


    posted by pc7588

    March 3 2007 1:35pm
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    Thats the one thing I am afraid of....IS IT SCRIPTED OR NOT??? Only time will tell... Does the fan-favorite Randy get the belt...OR do they use him to legitimize Sylvia so more??? Since Arlovsky, Tim has been working on his ground game it just hasn't been tested. I don't know if Randy will get in there to take him down...I have to go with and stick with the youngblood....Good Luck on ur plays. I will hop on a few of them dogs with ya!!


    posted by thebigmessy

    March 3 2007 2:03pm
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    Here's how the Fitch fight ended...exactly as predicted....

    Round 2

    Luigi holds the fence to avoid a takedown but he gets slammed anyways. Luigi goes for a leg submission but Fitch takes his back after a crazy scramble. Fitch now has both hooks secured. He fights for and gets the victory via rear naked choke at 3:05 of the second round.


    posted by pc7588

    March 3 2007 10:24pm
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    Won 100.00 on Jon Fitch

    Won 460.00 on Captain America

    Lost 150.00 on Rex Hollman

    Lost 100.00 on jason Dent

    Lost 100.00 on Jason McDonald

    +210.00 on the night...

    Another Main Event Underdog Winner

    And yet another positive unit gain. Wish I would have hit one more dog, but man the Natural fight was incredible. As Rogan would say..."that guy's my hero!"

    Great pay per view...Congrats Randy on your title. Good luck against CroCop


    posted by pc7588

    March 4 2007 9:49am
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    posted by coolrick1

    March 4 2007 10:45am

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