Well, the lines came out today for the fight card at UFC 67..and as you can tell from my previous post, I'm starting to turn my attention to the UFC.

I have really started looking at the headliner of Lutter vs. Silva and I'm starting to think I might be on to something...I'll post on that fight and possibly 2 on the undercard. I'm still bitter at who's fighting, but at least the Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will be entertaining. I think rookie is a PRIDE fan and he can tell you that Rampage is one bad mofo who fights the way you wish you did. He's one crazy mother who has beaten Chuck Lidell. Mirko CroCop is Example #3 of the American way (stealing Pride's best fighters..Silva, CroCop, Jackson..up next Fedor) of having the best fighter's in the states. This guy is devestating and I really feel for Eddie Sanchez. As much as I dig, I can't find fight tape on him. He fought on UFC 63 (Hughes/Penn) undercard, but this guy is the "Barry O" of WWF fame in the 80's...you know cannon fodder for the superstar.

One reason I think Couture is back is to fight either Jackson or KroCop at 205 or 185 in the not to distant future..and yes, I think Captain America has a shot of beating Sylvia in the next UFC.

I'm out players...Messy, Vegas, Rookie, I really want some feedback on Lutter/Silva. I'm tellin ya..this is a bad matchup for the Spider. Silva is arguably the best striker in the world and has decent jujistu. Lutter is a Jujistu world champion and is a decent striker. I'm tellin you right now the conditioning edge will go to Lutter. Silva won't even worry about this fight after walking through Leban and Franklin (and yes I still think that fight was fixed). But Lutter is a world class jujistu practitioner and all he needs is one takedown to work his magic. I know Anderson has great defense on his back and great submission defense, but this is a fight he hasn't seen in 2 or 3 years. And he lost those fights against Jujistu studs. Silva should pummel him into submission, but Lutter is smart, cerebral, and after reading his comments, it definetely sounds like he is ready to go. I'm really diggin on this and seeing if it's even worth the investment to try the +300 dog...especially after we've hit big payouts before (Sylvia +415 over Arlosvki, St. Pierre +115 over Hughes, McDonald +170 over Leban, Anderson Silva +185 over Franklin). Is Lutter as good as the ones I just listed..no. But "the match-up" poses problems for the Silva camp. Lutter is used to fighting strikers, and he has the pedigree to at least make me think about backing him. I'll be back closer to fight day but I would really like everyone's thoughts and reasoning on if Lutter has a chance...

Last take:

Ask yourself the what if question. What if Lutter beats Silva? Who gets the next shot...Franklin, Swick, Loasiou, or Silva? I honestly believe the marketing machine that is the UFC is somewhat "scripting" the year so they can continue to maximize exposure and fights as their stories devolop. Trust me, we'll see Tito/chuck III within 2 years. You'll also see Keith Jardine develop into one of the top 3 TV fighters to make it in the UFC. (Diego and Swick being my other 2) Jardine, if he stays humble and continues to devolop, is going to be a tough out for anyone.

GL boyz...back closer to fight day...still think it's a terrible card, but the knockouts will be amazing. Jackson/Eastman is a grudge match and these two will be going at it.


posted by pc7588

Jan. 24 2007 2:16pm

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    I like your theory Chris.....I will take a closer look at the match-up and get back to you....+300 is very tempting....and if things are being scripted, which is quite possible...we may be able to cash!! Good Luck tonight....I will jump on with you!


    posted by thebigmessy

    Jan. 25 2007 1:06pm
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    PC, split on fight night yields a slight profit!!! (I rode ya brother) How about O'Brien holding off the "newest sensation" Herring and that NASTYYYY KO by Evans!!! WOW!!

    UFC 68--The Natural vs The Main-iac...Whats your thoughts?? Is this another Shamrock return or does Randy have a shot...I cannot wait to see the line on that one!! Still researching on UFC 67...I'll get back to ya on that one!


    posted by thebigmessy

    Jan. 26 2007 2:47am
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    posted by madcappa1

    Jan. 29 2007 5:27pm
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    Yeah cappa!!!....I liked Cro-Cop immmediatley...I just want to look a little more into it and check the line before I commit!!


    posted by thebigmessy

    Jan. 30 2007 8:42am
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    yo messy-- im throwing u this link from youtube from a highlight of crocop-- man that mother fucker is huge and mean as a sun o bitch-- lines gotta be at least -300 -- i know eddie sanchez is 8-0 -- but crocop's left leg is like a stick of fucking dynamite--im all over that shit--

    heres the link:http://youtube.com/watch?v=sPv5S5fRsGY [youtube.com]

    heres the link of randleman knocking the shit out of him--

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=lNaVxHXoH6I&mode=related&search= [youtube.com]">http://youtube.com/watch?v=lNaVxHXoH6I& [youtube.com] ... ed&search=


    posted by madcappa1

    Jan. 31 2007 1:32pm
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    Lines are up at betcris..not very enthusiastic about this card..but we're gonna come out ahead if you follow my betting plan...




    8:30 PM

    351352TRAVIS LUTTER+370


    7:45 PM353354JOHN HALVERSON +525


    7:45 PM355356EDDIE SANCHEZ +800


    7:30 PM357358MARVIN EASTMAN +500


    7:00 PM359360SCOTT SMITH _145


    6:00 PM3196131962SAM HOGER+525


    5:20 PM3196331964TERRY MARTIN +210


    5:00 PM3196531966FRANKIE EDGAR +585


    As you can see..it's a showcase for some new talent. I do have some fight picks, but I'm really not going after this UFC> I'm sure there will be one major surprise..I am having a hard time finding it.

    Back with my fight picks on Friday..GL all.


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 31 2007 5:48pm
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    posted by madcappa1

    Jan. 31 2007 6:32pm
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    Guys, I'm passin on this UFC...I won't lay the high juice and I can't see any of the heavy dogs hittin. I will play a few of the dogs, but nothing I feel strong enough to post..if you want myUFC dog plays PM me...but for real, I'm really not going big on anything...so small on 2 dogs. Hit me up if you want em..but I'm only risking a total of 200.00 on this UFC...2 dogs for a hundy apiece..but I don't want to count them against my UFC record by postin them..so hit me up. If not, no big whoop.

    GL fellas.


    posted by pc7588

    Feb. 2 2007 9:51am
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    yo pc-- dont need to count it for your record-- just wanna hear the dogs ya playing--if ya can post em up here --if not ill pm ya


    posted by madcappa1

    Feb. 3 2007 7:18am
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    For those I pm'ed.>I'm off Travis Lutter for this reason..please don't bet on him unless you really think he can win this...

    From : UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship <mail>

    Sent : Saturday, February 3, 2007 4:26 AM

    To :

    Subject : Lutter misses weight, non-title fight goes on...

    Lutter misses weight, plans to win against Silva, even though just a pound and a half keeps the fight from being a title fight.

    Despite two tries at the scale, TUF 4 winner Travis Lutter will not be challenging for Anderson Silva's UFC Middleweight Championship Saturday night after coming in at a final weight of 186.5 pounds, a pound and a half over the 185-pound middleweight limit. Lutter's first attempt at making weight was 187 pounds, and after two hours he was only able to lose a half-pound. Tomorrow's UFC 67: All or Nothing main event will now be a three round non-title match, with Lutter being fined 10% of his purse by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (5% going to Silva, 5% to the NSAC).

    For a full card, click here


    posted by pc7588

    Feb. 3 2007 8:23am
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    Hey PC,

    Just a little info too. Lutter is going to be dog tired. They said he was working his ass off for a short period of time there trying to get down. I think he will be a bit out of it because of this. But then again you can also say he will be extra pumped to beat him just to prove everyone wrong. I personally think the guy has no chance. But I have been wrong a few time on these. Silva hits so hard and so accurate. And if Lutter gets stuck in the clinch. You can say goodnight. I don't think anyone can get out of Silva Clinch.

    This isn't a very good better card unless you parlay a few of them together. But I am with you. I am passing on this one. I just don't see any money on it. And I see a lot of things up in the air. Good luck to all that do though. Gonna order this one, have some Strong Bow and chill.

    PC THanks for all the info though. You are da man.




    posted by oakland4life

    Feb. 3 2007 4:47pm
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    My card for tonight--

    Lutter +400 -- Probably just throwing 100 bucks away here--especially since they took the title off the line-- but i still think lutter comes out with something to prove and hopefully can get something done here-- worth a shot--

    Only play on a truly undermatched card IMO-- gl to all



    posted by madcappa1

    Feb. 3 2007 9:49pm
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    posted by madcappa1

    Feb. 3 2007 11:40pm
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    That was a pretty good card!!!

    That 185 class is in some trouble. Silva is the man on the ground. Lutter had no chance at all. He looked like a chump on the ground. And that's the best part of his game. That was a joke. I was most impressed with Terry Martin. He was dangerous at 205 and now he dropped 20lbs. He looked good for the 20 seconds he was in there. And he called out the pussy Mike Swick. I love it. I hope he takes that guys head off.

    What did everyone else feel about the fights.




    posted by oakland4life

    Feb. 4 2007 11:17am

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