UFC 67: All or Nothing

Unless this undercard gets better this could be the worst pay per view card put together in recent UFC History.

The headliner is TUF winner Travis Lutter vs. Anderson Silva.

Then we have Marvin the Beast Eastman vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson back over from the PRIDE fighting championships. The Beast is a joke, he's gonna get destroyed.

Then you give us CroKop..another PRIDE import who was getting drilled in PRIDE against Eddie Sanchez....

For the love of God Dana...please save us on the undercard. I really do believe that Silva could get "caught" by Lutter...but he will still be an overwhelming favorite when the lines are posted.

I hope we have something on the undercard worth betting...otherwise..I probably won't even buy this UFC pay per view and I advise you to do the same. This card is garbage so far.

That's all I got..I'll post the lines once the complete card is announced.

Dana..get it together and give us some intrigue on the other fights.


posted by pc7588

Jan. 7 2007 4:06pm

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