UFC 64...Anderson vs Silva.....Florian vs Shrek

I will work on the card tonight> I absolutely hate the lines but I'll have the plays out.

Lost 7 units and went 0fer on UFC 63. Won 10 units and went undefeated on UFC 62. My time to shine on 64, but the value really isn't there. Will post em tonight.

THANK GOD SHAMROCK RETIRED..one more fight and he would have been seriously injured. The world's most dangerous man is now the World's most dangerous "retired from fighting" man. Nice career Ken. And for the record, even though the UFC won't give you props I will. I know you dominated Gracie back in the day...draw my ass, you beat that mofo up in your 2nd battle against him. It's a shame the UFC won't recognize it and only show highlights of your first one.



posted by pc7588

Oct. 13 2006 8:50am

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    OK...Once again I will start by giving props to PC---Becasue he knows his shit and picks winners!!!! As I have said before, I am not a guru by any means...I simply have access to a guy who is in the middle of this shit and he has been money....easy money!!! I do not take credit for the winners I have posted...just looking to help out!!!

    Now, he didn't seem as confident as the last few that i posted but he did say he liked FRANKLIN....He stated that Franklin always seems to rise up to big fights and he always hears of "the next greatest Brazilian fighter" (Silva) and they always end up getting beaten....he said there hasn't been a great Brazilian fighter in about 10 years...(Sorry i do not remember the name he gave me)....So anyway, I will roll with him once again!!!

    Franklin -200



    posted by thebigmessy

    Oct. 13 2006 6:42pm
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    Here's what I have on tap for UFC 64:


    All lines from Betcris when I booked them.....

    Chasin Dogs:

    Playing all 3 for 50.00 and hoping I hit one if not two:

    Risking 50.00 to win 125.00 on Junior Assuncao


    Assuncao +250

    Guida -275

    Risking 50.00 to win 170.00 on Dan Lauzon over Spenser Fisher




    Risking 50.00 to win 130.00 On Kenny Florian in the Lightweight Title Fight


    Ken Flo +260

    The Muscle Shark Sherk -310

    All right, I got 150.00 in play..to cover that wager I'll play one high ML fight..this is my best bet, but don't go large on it. Next fight on Fitch after he dominates Hironaka who is making his UFC debut.

    BEST BET: Risking 470.00 to win 150.00 on Jon Fitch.

    This fight will be very entertaining, but Fitch will TCOB and either win by submission or unaminous decision.

    So now I have 620.00 in play on four fights..here's my thought on the headliner:

    Ace vs. Silva

    What a great fight. A true test for Rich. This is by no means my best bet and a very tough fight to call. Both are incredible strikers, both are in top shape with a slight lean to Franklin who is quite possibly the best MMA conditioned fighter I've seen. (Anyone watch his barely break a sweat 5 round unanimous decision against Loasiou?). Franklin can also take a punch which we saw in his last two fights. Silva is a true warrior. No disrespect to Crippler Chris Leiban, but Silva has fought and beaten much better overseas. This is a true grudge fight as for the first time in a long time, UFC is head to head with Pride. I really think this fight is going to come down to who lands the big punch. Don't let Franklin's gaudy record of 22-1 fool you. Those who follow this sport know that Silva is world class. I am torn on this fight but I am going to have to roll on the Brazilian. It's been a long time since Hughes, Lidell, or Franklin have lost. I also look at Franklin's long layoff due to injury. From what I've read and studied, it really does look like this is going to top even last PPV's Penn/Hughes classic.

    Roll with me on Anderson Silva +185 for 2 units.

    GL MESSY...I wouldn't mind losing this one if I hit a dog and Fitch. I hate the idea of a non UFCer holding the belt. See ya in the chat on fight night.


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 13 2006 9:18pm
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    Thanks PC...you too!!!

    I will be on Florian as well....He is a hometown guy so most of my info is biased!!! My guy says Florian is for real...but again, this dude knows him so there is definitely the homer aspect....I am with you and shit...would that be a nice hit or what!!!!

    Florian +265 Representing the Bean Baby!!!


    posted by thebigmessy

    Oct. 14 2006 1:48am
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    ALL RIGHT.... We ended up +3.7 units on the night in UFC 64 if you followed my card the way I bet it. GL Playas...be back in November for Hughes/GSP card.

    Messy..man Franklin didn't even look close to ready. Something was up. On his way to the ring during pre fight he was not the same. I think there's more to that fight than people know. And finally, we have some competition in the middleweight class.

    Congrats Spider...you looked good last night.


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 15 2006 9:37am
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    Well guys, dropped two there...Florian was mine--we gave it a shot...Anyway, if you have been following, you know that the guy that gives me the picks is usually on the money---you can't win em all!!! SO, we'll relax and wait for UFC 65!!!! Congrats to you PC, another fine card as always!!!!

    PS--PC, Don't even think about going against Hughes in 65---(My Opiniion!!!!)


    posted by thebigmessy

    Oct. 15 2006 11:09am

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