well.....wasn't a good start to the week...going 1-1 on top plays win on DET , loss on TB in OT, losing the small play on CAR and UNDER on the salami....more goals scored in 7 games last night than some saturday's with 11 games....so bad start and we are looking to rebound somewhat tonight...small card so only a couple things stand out..


PIT (+0.5 -140)

battle of the uglys here tonight...both out of the playoffs (obviously)..PIT is 12-3 ATS in their last 15 and WASH is 4-14 ATS in their last 18...wow too bad penguins waited til march to play the game...anyways the real stats i like are the "what have you done for me lately" ones....here they are:

Offense Shots Goals % PP

Pitts 29.4 3.20 10.9 42.9

Wash 20.6 1.80 8.7 27.3

Defense Shots Goals % PK

Pitts 30.8 3.00 0.903 84.6

Wash 35.2 3.00 0.915 92.9

Penguins doing everything better than the capitals, more shots, goals, power play, penalty killing, giving shots.....so we have to ride the stats in this one and go with the penguins...even if they tie Vegas is giving us the half goal but i don't think we'll need it.

EDM (+0.5 -120)

wow what a game this is going to be...HUGE 4 pt game i mena FU$#%%$ HUGE...if you dont knows whats at stake we have EDM, STL and NASH all tied for 8th spot with 3 games left on the slate for the oilers and 4 for each of NASH and STL.....NASH taking on the HAWKS tonight so its safe to say you can put their win up on the board now and loser of this game might as well shine the clubs because it will be a huge mountain to climb if you dont get at least a point out of this one....having said that....a tie is REAL possibility here..EDM has been playing better than STL taking home 16 pts out of a possible 20 in their last 10 while STL has been slightly less...but what i really like is the road warrior mentality in the Oilers....5-0 ATS in their L5 on the road....we going with the Oil Kings from Alberta tonight


NASH (-0.5 -220)

no need to explain if you read the above reasons.....small play because i dont trust the preds and their ability to take stupid penalties....but we think due to the severity of the game they make sure they seal-up the two points before deciding to dance with the HAWKS.

no salami tonight....really close games which will either be low scoring or have the ability for the flood gates to open...if one team gets up by 2 goals in the western games i could see the the other pulling out all stops , meaning a score fest, but my gut says they stay low scoring affairs...but its not worth the risk with only 5 games on the card.

i no longer post at CBS...turned into a circus, so if you want i also send these write-ups out on email....drop me your me email address in a instant message and ill send them to you.

best of luck


posted by rkostynu

March 30 2004 11:08am

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