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I have a game on this kind of cool league I have been following, since last season's first year. The Rock Dawyne Johnson who had bought the XFL from Vince McMahon completely changed the name of the league and rules. Its now called the UFL as of last year and this is the 2nd season of it. Its too bad I couldn't access the website the past 7 weeks, as I have been handicapping it and I am 5-0 with it. Watch me lose my 1st post on it now, as the Kiss Of Death, haha

This league doesnt have traditional XP's after TD's and so you can't traditionally rely on games ending in 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, etc. Sometimes, like the UFC, Boxing, MLB, NHL, Soccer, etc you have to take ML's and forget about the spreads, but only when 3pts or under. Today, I am going XL on the St. Louis Battlehawks ML-140 (same as Alex Pereira last night) and I am extremely confident in a W here. St. Louis is the best offense in the UFL, although San Antonio is fast with a stingy D, they won't be able to trade scores with these guys.

I know I should prob take the -2 to put more $$ in my pockets, but this league is unpredictable. Just take the ML and don't sweat it, like Alex Pererira, last night. They kickoff in 2 hrs from now.I love them as much as Alex Pereira last night, so its a very strong GOY! Goodluck if you are with me on them. Speaking of UFC last night, I really wanted that 3-0 for UFC 300. I picked the wrong doggie, as I debated between Max Holloway and Charles Oliveria and got greedy going for +180, rather than Max at +140.


posted by Mrlasvegas

April 14 2024 12:49pm

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    Nice hit Vegas

    posted by takis28

    April 14 2024 5:58pm
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    Thanks Takis! I am really enjoying betting on this UFL league in the short 1 year n 2 weeks its been around. Hopefully, I will find another large play on it for this upcoming wknd!

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    April 16 2024 6:17pm

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