Hey Guys Anyone from Boston Area

Hey guys, I have a friend in Boston area looking for a room, bathroom plus kitchen, if anyone knows anyone that is renting please let me know. Even if it’s 30 or 35 minutes away from Boston it’s ok so if u know anyone that is renting please message me. The price range 600 to 900.


posted by takis28

March 9 2024 10:29am

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    TAKIS!!! Sorry to just see this now, I couldn't get on GOTPICKS, since Feb 24th. I thought Ricky shut it down for 6 months til football, as in years past. Maybe, issue on my end, as your post is March 9th, so pretty strange.

    Anyways, I did have a friend that had a spot right near Boston College for about $800 back at start of year. I will see if its still avail. Sorry to just see this now.

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    April 13 2024 6:14pm
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    No problem Vegas thxs

    posted by takis28

    April 13 2024 7:47pm
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    Hello Taki , hope all is well friend

    posted by coolrick1

    April 14 2024 12:19pm
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    Hey Coolrick all is well hope all is well for u.

    posted by takis28

    April 14 2024 5:31pm
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    Hey Greek, just spoke to my fried from BC and he just got it rented it for April. If I was able to see your msg here I would of had your friend in there for $800. Your friend should check out Boston Craigslist, as sometimes there are deals on there. Sorry bud!

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    April 16 2024 6:14pm

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