MRLASVEGAS UFC GOY#15 (9-5) +$4,000

Good Evening GOTPICKS Fam,

I know I said in my Superbowl post last Sun that I was going to be back around Labor Day, however I have decided on some huge fights in UFC, Boxing, and some Champ events in other sports, such as NCAAB Champ Game that I will post. So, maybe on avg about once or twice per month.

Well, called the Superbowl exactly as I did 2 yrs ago with LA Rams over the Cincy Bengals and how it would come rt down to the wire in final couple mins. I called this one exactly with Mahomes pulling a horseshoe out of his A$$ and Shanahan choking, yet again. Called Mahomes as the MVP. Also, ended up going 8-3 on t he Props. Had a MONSTER evening in Las Vegas and crushed the book! I hope all of you also had a huge night!

OK, I hit my last UFC event a couple months ago with the underdog Miesha Tate and I just had to get back for this fight in the UFC tonight. Its scheduled to go in about 1 hr. I am going XL on the main event witj Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski-130. I am so confident in this that I am going 2 dimes on this GOY, rather than a dime.

After the MONSTER Superbowl night of +$7,700 with Kansas City and +$5,000 in prop winnings I can afford to piece off a little extra. I hope you ride with me and Goodluck the rest of Feb and I will be back in March for a UFC fight and maybe 1 NCAAB game.


posted by Mrlasvegas

Feb. 17 2024 11:48pm

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