The line just went from 9.5 DOWN to 9 with 95% on the Chiefs.

9.5 was begging for KC money. But 9??????

Las Vegas Raiders MONEYLINE +370

posted by thebigmessy

Nov. 26 2023 2:45pm

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    Fade away!!! Hahahaa.

    posted by thebigmessy

    Nov. 26 2023 2:54pm
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    Although the real rationale is a Vegas has to win around here sooner or later!!

    Sorry, could not resist!!

    posted by thebigmessy

    Nov. 26 2023 2:55pm
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    Def gotta fade the BIG DIG, I mean the Big Messy, both complete and absolute utter messes (NO PUN) intended! Fading tho, UNLOADing on KC Moneyline and also gotta ML parlay them with Boston Celtics ML.

    As we can see from majority of my documented plays almost always winning records +$1,000's. You, and 98% of public who don't win vs the books unlike me, will be a huge FADE PLAY here! Patty Mahomes and Kelce will bury you, like the BIG DIG buried MASS! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, AMEN...R.I.P.


    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Nov. 26 2023 4:10pm
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    Put the ”Wolverine” back in the cage scooter!!

    I told everyone to fade me so a simple “thanks” would suffice. Maybe offer a frappe from the Bubbling Brook for the giving you a free winner.

    posted by thebigmessy

    Nov. 26 2023 9:53pm
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    I can't say "thanks" cuz Im not a piece of shit who cheers against GOTPICKS members plays. Only a piece of shit would fade you and cheer against you. Im against the books, NOT the public! These oddsmakers are mathematcians and geniuses with these lines.The window to win vs them is so small and so you are best to take the pts when you can, rather than ML's.

    You also always speak so negatively of yourself and plays. You should be confident enough to never advise anyone to fade you. You could of went 2-0 last Sun on 2nd halfs, but you took the ML's. Odds are so tough to beat these guys. Grab the pts and you will have much better chance longterm vs these books.

    Ive been betting since college back in 2004 and this is 20th yr betting. Ive won 19 seasons and lost just 1. Its all about money management and obviously that wont save anyone if results are poor. Only 2% make it long term vs books. More than 90% are degenerates who have brutal money management.

    Unfortunately, this forum turned to $hi*, much like Sportsline, so tough to win longterm without help. Plus, Ive heard Takis passed away and then you have Atrain and Dollar who retired. Not sure where Pakman is and hope he is still alive. He was awesome. This forum is basically 6 people, LMAO..Ricky is best to close shop and NOT pay the hosting fees anymore.

    Yeah, so sorry, but I didnt fade you on that KC/Celts ML Parlay. Id never cheer against another sports betting member. Hopefully, you make it back next week. I rarely take ML dogs, but I did when Dick Butkus died and took Chicago Bears spread and ML. Bears were like +240. I also like in the UFC a +240 dog right now for next Sat, being Tony Ferguson.

    However, dont really advise doing many dogs that are +200 more. Chances of winning are slim as it is. We are facing geniuses and our chances of losing longterm is 98%!! Goodluck with your final month of 2023 year. I'm confident it will be a December To Remember vs the books.

    Im long overdue for a long win streak. Thought I would of had 5 in a row with a sweep there tonight, but heartbreak TD by Balt, rather than burning the clock to get burned at end of game. Oh well, happens all the time in this biz!

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Nov. 26 2023 11:38pm
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    Did I just get lectured by a KID that STARTED gambling when I was 32 fucking years old!?!?

    WW has always been a soft town but cmon little bro, be better. I am not rooting against you but you hit a cold patch, and I made a joke, frankly because I knew I would get a response!!

    The bet I made was based simply on the line moving in the opposite direction then the money is going. Something we did for years on the board and in the chat. While I have not had the time to go over every game every were, there were 4 about a month ago. All 4 covered, 2 ML. I believe one lost. Interestingly enough, three of the four games involved the Bills. One of them was versus the pats.

    Just something I saw and shared. Listen, if I post and someone fades me, oh well. Good for them. If I tried to fade myself I would lose!! Hahaha.

    The best thing about what Ricky gave us was a being with a bunch of dudes all cheering for the same WIN $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I went back and looked for that heater you went on in the NFL Playoffs. Maybe 07? I believe you were 12-1 or 11-2. People don’t forget. But your MRLV69 name is under “deletedUser” now so harder to find! Hahaa

    Well, I’m on Bears ML as well. I remember CRUSHING the Pack on the Monday night Favre played after his father died.

    Good luck. As far as I am concerned, you still owe me a frappe from Bubbling Brook!!

    posted by thebigmessy

    Nov. 27 2023 12:40am

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