MNF--Winning Back Halloween Candy

Here is a DONE DEAL FIXED GAME and BIGMESSY4 of BET SPORTSJACK one of the G.O.A.T told me he approves. Play whatever the FUCK you want on this game to get back whatever the FUCK you are down after yesterday's ABORTION.

Since you UNLOADED the kids Halloween candy and all on INDIANAPOLIS COLTS ML+120, The NFL (And I) will give YOU the W tonight. You can not only grab last minute Halloween candy tomorrow, you can get a TURKEY for Thanksgiving and A MOTHERFUCKING 12 fOOT CANADIAN FIR CHRISTMAS TREE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!

Its already decided! BIGGEST GAME OF MY LIFETIME! Take care and best of luck in this lifetime! Play this for as much as you have ever played, provided you can afford to! IN FACT, PLAY OVER YOUR FUCKING HEADS, DUMP THE KIDS' X-MAS GIFT MONEY......IT IS DECIDED and APPROVED


This just dropped from 7.5 to 7 (DK) and i absolutely love it!!!

posted by thebigmessy

Oct. 30 2023 12:37pm

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    I’m trolling all over this mother fucker because I just got the same information from capcon 2 3/4 of the Tallahassee Syndicate who overheard it from Pauly Walnuts at a Jersey dice game. This is definite (W) for all the trolls who lost the Halloween candy. So bet your cardboard box and get the house back. Bet whatever you need to get even. And if this doesn’t hit I’ll never post again until tomorrow. I’m out. Capcon 2 3/4 or whoever the fuck I am today. LV +7 1/2. Buying the hook.

    posted by capcon1

    Oct. 30 2023 2:58pm
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    You got owned you dirtbag! CAPPER CONMAN selling his Tallahassee Syndicate plays and trying to play it off and use reverse psych. Listen you fkn dirtbag you are a professional CONMAN who duped many for thousands. You got twiddle dumb above the BIG FADE CLOWN following in your scamdicapping footsteps. Get back to the McDonalds fry flipping you scumbucket pile of $hit! Here you are you frigin criminal touting your service's picks to everyone. They even called you out saying CapperCon can you refund me. You are an absolute pile of scum and Fauchi, I mean Fraudster!


    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Oct. 30 2023 6:09pm
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    Lmao. I don’t have any idea who you think I am. I got that syndicate shit from your dumb ass post. Go away VEGASS. The only scum bag here is you. What happened to My Last Post Ever. Same Drama ,New day.

    posted by capcon1

    Oct. 30 2023 6:30pm
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    You are Tallahassee you piece of $hit! You are lying rt thru your dentures. I just had to call out CAPPER CONMAN cuz you are an absolute fraud who scammed thousands from sportsline for most part and start of gotpicks. You lying weasel! You are what Whitey Bulger would call a RAT!! You are fkn scum pal! You fkn RAT!!


    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Oct. 30 2023 6:36pm
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    You are out of your mind. Get back on your meds you call people out to hide your crazy rants.Drama is your life. Fuck off

    posted by capcon1

    Oct. 30 2023 7:21pm
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    You old AF scumbucket fraud stealing from the people and prob on your taxes! You old basketcase trying to be a troll and I call you out for all your previous CONARTIST ways. You are the biggest dirtbag the internet has ever seen. Go eat shit you conman. Nice Raiders call you piece of fkn shit!


    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Oct. 30 2023 11:26pm

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