Good Morning GOTPICKS Creatures, Critters, Trolls, Goblins & Monsters,

Here is a DONE DEAL FIXED GAME and MRLASVEGAS4 of CBS SPORTSLINE one of the G.O.A.T told me he approves. Play whatever the FUCK you want on this game to get back whatever you are down on the season. UNLOAD the kids Halloween candy and all on INDIANAPOLIS COLTS ML+120. The NFL will give them the W today. Its already decided! BIGGEST GAME OF MY LIFETIME! Take care and best of luck in this lifetime! Play this for as much as you have ever played, provided you can afford to!


posted by Mrlasvegas

Oct. 29 2023 12:12pm

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    Please don't go. Please keep on posting.

    posted by jkecc

    Oct. 29 2023 3:50pm
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    Lmao. Drama Queen.
    Back to living in cardboard boxes for the Vegas followers.

    posted by capcon1

    Oct. 29 2023 4:20pm
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    I will just keep posting for the fellas, go the opposite of me and you’re good!

    posted by thebigmessy

    Oct. 29 2023 4:32pm
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    CapCon lives in a homeless camp from his picks. This guy once lost 19 of 20 on CBS. Then he trolled on Gotpicks a few members and they cost him the rest of his fry flipping McD's salary. Don't go cray cray on us CapCon. what a fitting name. a CON is what he is, LOL! Take care BOZO!!

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Oct. 29 2023 5:25pm
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    Vegas the scamdy capper. Always a fucken drama issue with you. Even from the olden days. Just post your picks and shut the fuck up. You can’t win all the time. Don’t blame and make excuses when you go cold.

    posted by capcon1

    Oct. 29 2023 6:03pm
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    CAPPER CONMAN CONARTIST. Mrlasvegas4 says he remembers your SCAMDICAPPING A$$. A complete conartist worse than Bernie Madoff with your CONS!! You were always a troll even after your 19 out of 20 losses, but STOP faulting your degenerate A$$ if you risk on a capper's picks. Dont be a CONMAN. Dont be like this CAPCON CONMAN. I pray this CAPCON CON isnt you? LOL


    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Oct. 29 2023 6:17pm
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    I remember your ass to VegAss. So would a lot of the got picks old timers. I don’t play your plays.But seriously how the fuck can you post such bullshit as a fixed game and then be pissed when someone call you out on it. Mafia plays // fixed game plays//. Really??? Just post your plays. In a couple weeks you’ll quit again for some other ridiculous reason. I congratulated you a few times this year when you were normal. Get back on your meds bro.

    posted by capcon1

    Oct. 29 2023 7:04pm
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    CAPCON the McDonald's POSTAL worker who went BONKERS on Pakman1957 back in the day. CONMAN CAPCON the basketcase scamdicapper whose Tallahassee Syndicate scammed many out of thousands and failed is always trying to blame others. He is a piece of fkn shit who just trolls and preys on the public.

    Get your old AF geezer A$$ off this board you piece of $hit. I use to help Ricky pay hosting fees, but your scamming A$$ is still here trying to cause trouble. Karma will get you, you piece of fkn trash! You were a dirtbag during Sportsline days and still a dirtbag x 2, nowadays. Take your Tallahassee Syndicate scamming A$$ back to McDonalds and get the fries ready for the Drive Thru. Beware of the men with the white coats coming to pick you up, LMAO..Fkn CONMAN..Most fitting name ever. CAPPERCON. There is BATMAN, SPIDERMAN, and THERE IS CAPPERCONMAN the newest superhero. You piece of fkn shit!!

    Dude is old AF and so old he walks into an Antique store and they kept him!

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Oct. 29 2023 11:34pm

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