NCAA for Tonight

NCAA ball picks for tonight....never watched so much ncaa ball in my life last weekend......just to keep the girlfriend from leaving i had play card games with her (shit she likes) and turn the volume down on the TV while playing HER music...anyways been studying, listening and reading all week here's how i see tonight....

ALA +1.5

I like Bama here for their defense and the fact that they don't foul a heck of a lot....in their last 5 games they've only allowed opponents to take 14 FT on average..cuse is at 20 attempts....bama has been outscoring their opponents by 8 pts while almost 6 for syracuse...if we go to neutral site stats its not much different..bama still getting 5 more pts than the allow compared to 3 for the cuse....gonna be close but i see bama winning by 3.

VAN +9

I don't doubt that UCONN wins this one but not by 9. UCON from what ive read and heard is awesome at defending in the paint but thats not where VAN will get most of its points...if they do that insane 3pt shit like they did last weekend, they will easily keep the score close...

from what i see this game comes down to tempo...VAN gets into a track meet with UCONN and they are dead...so let UCONN transition and run all night but when VAN gets the ball they know they have to control the pace.They do that they cover the spread...UCONN by 6.

OKA +2.5

The only thing that scares me here is the momentary lapses of play the cowboys have....considering the size difference that PIT has they could get frustrated very easily tonight and go into the tank for 5 or 6 mins at a time allowing PIT to catch up...the thing that works against PIT is their scoring ability...I see this as up and down...many lead changes but in the end the cowboys will prevail they will take control in the last 5 mins.

STJ -2.5

Defense wins games, STJ has it and WAKE doesn't....the catholic boys are close as ever in the last 7 years and i don't see them blowing this opportunity....that with the fact they have something for Packer to shove up his ass....Wake scores more on paper but STJ will pick their opportunity and limit WAKE's quality chances....and we know STJ can score...StJoe's by 4.

thats my opinion

best of luck


posted by rkostynu

March 25 2004 5:51pm

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    Nice picks!!!

    Congrats! You should post your picks in the "Daily Picks" section!!!

    Good luck!


    posted by ricky

    March 26 2004 1:30am

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