MRLASVEGAS UFC GOY#8 (6-1) +$4,900

Good Evening GOTPICKS Nation,

Tonight we have a rematch in the Women's Flyweight Div for the title. Its also Mexican Independence day for the current champ, Alexa Grasso who SHOCKED Valentina Shevchenko 6 months ago. Well, Shevchenko was taking Grasso lightly and that won't happen tonight.

I believe Shevchenko overlooked Grasso and now with the 6 months to take her seriously, I see her tasting sweet revenge. Shevchenko will be on top of her game tonight and I see her stopping Grasso before the 5 rds are up. However, even a decision will favor her. I can't see Grasso winning a 2nd time vs Shevchenko. Fight goes around Midnight, so just under 2 hrs to coattail me here, LFG!!


posted by Mrlasvegas

Sept. 16 2023 10:17pm

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    RISKING $1,600 TO WIN $1,000

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Sept. 16 2023 10:18pm
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    We won but got screwed with technical draw so all bets void/refunded..Absolute HORSE SHIT..Val dominated 4 knockdowns to 1 and 8 mins ground control to 2 mins ground control. Live odds were. What horseshit judging. Oh well, a push is like kissing your sister.


    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Sept. 17 2023 1:07am
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    Live Odds were Val-300 to end the fight, so what a crock of fkn $HIT..

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Sept. 17 2023 1:14am

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