MRLASVEGAS NFL GOY#3 (1-1) -$100

Good Evening GOTPICKS Nation,

What a couple of fkn B.S. GOY losses on New England+3.5 with called back 2pt convo and then Prop Bet GOY with Garrett Wilson Over 5.5 Rec. Had Aaron been in that would of easily cashed! We should of cashed it in O.T. had NYJ not taken a punt return for a TD. Oh well, sometimes we get bad breaks as such. We had hit 5 GOY's in a row before that $HI*!!

OK, tonight I am going against the trends with Kirk Cousins being miserable in Primetime. I think the Eagles were lucky as heck vs my Pats and they now have starting RB Gainwell, starting DB Bradbury, and starting S Blankenship out. They have a banged up line and I think facing a pissed of Vikes team who certainly don't want to start 0-2 is bad timing for the birds.

Im rolling with the Minny Vikes+6 and buying the hook to +6.5 for -120 juice, as I NEVER stay at a flat #. Goodluck if you are with me and it kicksoff in just less than an hour!


posted by Mrlasvegas

Sept. 14 2023 7:43pm

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    Piece of cake $$$$$$$$$$$$$, haha. Well, Vikes were sloppy and maybe could of won straight up. That ballbusting fumble by Jefferson at the 1 before the half was such a monstrous 10 pt swing!! I think Vikes had 3 other fumbles besides that. Very sloppy, but a W is a W, as justice was served with the backdoor cover $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Sept. 14 2023 11:28pm

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