Happy Sabbath Sunday Gotpicks Nation,

Let me get that sour taste out of my mouth with that 2nd back 2 back horrible fade of USC for the NCAAF GOY. You can double down and get back that brutal loss on maybe the only time I will back New England Patriots this yr. I can assure you this is NOT a bet from the heart. I think we are going to stink this year, but this is one game they can and will win!

Belichick is going to want this one very badly after Defensive Coordinator Brian Flores leaked text messages about the racism allegations of being passed over for coaching vacancies. Bill was backdoored and floored that Flores would do such and I believe it would of had Flores blackballed, like Kapernick had Tomlin not graciously extending an offer for a job.

We rode with Mitch and Pitt last week, but we will fade this this week. An absolute gamechanger with T.J. Watt out It literally flips the script on their D. They go from one of the best D's to one of the worst D's. I promise thisw is betting with head and not heart. Its maybe one of the only times this year I will put a penny on the Pats.


posted by Mrlasvegas

Sept. 18 2022 11:15am

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    Nice hit Vegas did you see Ricky’s Fish what they did to Ravens 🤣🤣 28 pts in 4th qtr wow they won su

    posted by takis28

    Sept. 18 2022 4:25pm
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    Yes, unbelievable! I was cheering for Balt to hang on, since Pats compete with Fish in AFC East. Although, Pats don't have a prayer this year. WAIT, I always thought Ricky was a Buffalo Bills fan? I thought he was from upstate NY? Is Ricky a Bandwagon Billy jumping to the Fish?

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Sept. 18 2022 5:19pm
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    He is bills fan still and Fish fan too lol he lives there so he has 2 teams now 👍

    I hope u have GOY for-tonight’s game Bears and Cheese Heads should be good game gl

    posted by takis28

    Sept. 18 2022 5:43pm
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    Philly Eagles-2.5 tomorrow night bud. I LOVED Dallas and didnt get online in time. I knew everyone and their mothers had Cincy in ML parlays, teasers, etc. Tonight is a toughy cuz GB has some chemistry trouble on O, but have a great D.

    I think Chicago is tired of hearing how Rogers OWNS them and might finally take adv of GB's weakest offense in many yrs. Im staying on sidelines and going to have a couple big props I will post tho.

    posted by Mrlasvegas

    Sept. 18 2022 5:49pm

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