OK Guys & Gals, we started off on the right foot with the opening CFL game of the season with e a BIG (W) and should of been an outright win, as a +3.5 doggie up 10 pts outright at halftime. They never came out of the locker room, but still easily covered the +3.5 with it being wire to wire cover.

Also, I was spot on with the pts going over, but 90% of my bets are sides, rather than totals. I hate staring at a clock all game or cheering for both sides. I have similar situation today for my 2nd GOY. I see a deja-vu type scenario with the +3 pt doggie with the Hamilton Tigercats, although lets buy the hook to +3.5, as in football we know those hooks are HUGE in outcomes.

However, I can see this game being the opposite, in terms of pts production and this one possibly going under the 48.5 pts, but I am sticking only with the side for the GOY. I think Hamilton's stout D of their D-line and secondary is the difference maker. They might have the best D in the CFL and for that reason I am hammering them today!

MRLASVEGAS CFL GOY#2: HAMILTON TIGER CATS+3.5 (buy hook if you have +3 or buy full pt if your Pasta Pig is a ripoff with +2.5)

posted by Mrlasvegas

June 11 2022 1:28pm

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