Website/Technical Difficulties?

Yo Ricky,

Is your website hosting company failing you miserably or am I the only one with a glitch? I never had one issue visiting your site since returning, until right after the Superbowl. Its been down constantly and for weeks or month and then back up for a day or so. I tried to post many winners over the past few months, including NCAAB March Madness. I visit dozens upon dozens of websites daily and never an issue, but only with Gotpicks?

Is it time to say goodbye to your present host or am I in the Twilight Zone and only issues with me? I have Got Picks being up and steady for maybe a handful of days in the past 4 months, but maybe its just me? It went down again from CFL gametime to early a.m. hrs, but glad its up and running at the current moment.

I apologize if its just me, but that would be super odd, cuz as I said I visit dozens upons dozens of sites daily and never any issue, but only with Gotpicks over past 4 months If it is on Gotgpicks end, lets get you a new hosting service with the winnings we create off the Pasta Pig bookies!

posted by Mrlasvegas

June 10 2022 9:17am

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    Yeah man. Been flakey recently. Trying to figure out a fix. Lets crush em!

    posted by ricky

    June 10 2022 12:56pm

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