Hey Guys, should of taken San Diego St ML a month and half ago vs Nevada where they were covering most of ball game and got backdoored in the 4th and won the game, but lost by a hook. I want my revenge to finish my very subpart comeback after a decade away.

Lets finish off strong on the season with the GOY tonight to get the record in the winning column and then fkn blast the bookies balls with a GAME OF THE CENTURY, next Monday in the Natl Championship. Waiting to make sure no COVID, but Im going to fkn slam that game, next Mon if all lines up.

Anyways, onto tonight Im playing large on LSU+9 to play hard and fast for new coach Brian Kelly. He will be assessing his team for next year and I think this is going to bring a motivated squad with all eyes on them. Kansas State is not 9 pts better than LSU. This line is an overreaction, so lets hit LSU hard tonight!

posted by Mrlasvegas

Jan. 4 2022 6:30pm

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