UFC 268 Underdog Pick

Good Eve Gotpicks Nation,

Im taking a stab on Colby "Chaos" Covington +250 odds. I actually had the dog last wknd with Glover Teixeira +220 odds, but had power outage here from a Noreaster. Also, had no power to post Atlanta Braves+120 GAME OF CENTURY. I said back when they moved allstar game and took all that revenue away from Atlanta and brought it to Denver, CO that MLB would owe them BIG down the line.

When playoffs started Braves vs Tampa Bay was my World Series prediction and I figured that MLB would find some way to hand the trophy,which I believe they are naming the Hank Aaron award eventually to the Atlanta Braves. I hammered Braves in Game 6, but had no power, so my bad with that. Anyways, taking a stab with Colby tonight. Be back tomorrow for an NFL GOY. Have a great night guys and gals.

posted by Mrlasvegas

Nov. 6 2021 11:25pm

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