USC is number #1

couldn't resist. had to start off the college phball board with USC.


posted by phball101

Jan. 12 2004 11:31am

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    Would have loved to see LSU, USC I think it would have looked similar to the USC Michigan score. It was a good year. Looking forward to the next.


    posted by peterose

    Jan. 12 2004 11:49am
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    it will be tuff again this year but it is wise to get your losses out of the way early than late

    great matchups early with usc/va tech mia/fsu fla/mia

    better lose early.lol

    goodpickings and oklahoma will not win the title pc.......just thought i would save you the trouble.lol

    kill your books


    posted by kalind

    June 5 2004 9:52am

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