Recap of wednesday plus three play's

**12/15**Well I big on responsible and yesterday wasn't what I was looking for going 1-3, that includes a 1-2 night in the NBA and on the two loser I wasn't even close on, losing five units over 192.5 Bobcats/Nets and four units on the Knicks-3.5.Our lone winner was a two unit win on the under 202.5 Bulls/Raptors.We lost our 2 unit play on the Stars-10 on the ice.That moves me 8-8-2 here since sunday at +0.82 unit and that went cut it, lets bounce back tonight**NBA**4 units over 173 Spurs/T-wolves.The total between these two teams is pretty interesting, the total when the Spurs/T-wolves have meet dating back to 1-14-04 has gone up each time.On January 14 2004 the total was posted 176 and went over with a 100-93 final, on 2-22-04 it was posted at 176.5 and went over with a 94-92 final, on 3-18-04 the oddsmaker adjusted by two points and posted it at 178 and went over with a 106-86 final.Now this is where the oddsmaker really makes some adjustments on 3-23-04 it was posted a full four points to 180 and stayed under 86-81, in the first meeting of last season on 12-23-04 it rises to 187 and stayed under with a 96-82 final, on 3-16-05 they come down to 180.5 and stayed under 89-73 and then again on 4-20-05 they move it up four points to 184 and agian stayed under 95-73.That brings us to today were the last four in this series has stayed under and the oddsmaker again has adjusted his number to 176 and a couple of bets on the under over night has moved this number to 173, the lowest this total has been in the last seven meetings.I'am sure the public and the oddsmaker have taken the four meetings into account, along with the fact that the Spurs are ranked 5th in the NBA in points allowed (89.5 pts), but you also have to not that the Spurs are first in the NBA in field goal percentage 47.6 and Minny is right there at 46.5 good for 3rd in the league.The T-wolves like to shoot the three ball, and I feel the oddsmaker in guarding the under money has created good value on the over!**NHL**I'am going right back to the well and using the Stars+200, for two units.The Stars where flat last night in Buffalo and fell behind 3-0 but battled back and last 4-3.The Stars have been hot winning ten of their last 12 and they're to good of a team to be taking this much back**NHL**two units Wild-55**I expect Minny to get hot here and they face a Boston who is a mess right now with more trades that are going to happen and a coach on the chopping block.This line is short as I think the Wild sould be about -200 tonight.This is a type of game the underachieving Wild can't lose no more and I expect they won't tonight......... 5 units (Double your bet) 4 units(increase your bet 50%) 3 units(increase your bet 25%) 2 units(your average play 2% of your bankroll......Here is a breakdown of my unit's system... 5 units (Double your bet) 4 units(increase your bet 50%) 3 units(increase your bet 25%) 2 units(your average play 2% of your bankroll


posted by dave

Dec. 15 2005 3:30pm

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