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Keep this in mind when betting these bowl games coming up (pulled this from another site)...

Bet the team you think will win the game! A lot of sports handicapping

involves looking for pointspread value, but in the last 10 years the winner

of a bowl game has covered the pointspread almost 90% of the time.

This percentage is more than 15% higher in bowl games than in regular

season games.

If you like a favorite, there is a smaller chance that the pointspread will

come into play. in college bowl games, I would be more inclined to bet

favorites on a pointspread line.

If you think you have a live underdog, it is more likely that they will win

the game outright in a bowl game, than in a regular season matchup.

I would be more inclined to take a money line price on my underdog plays

in bowl games, than I would be in the regular season.

Here is a statistical abnormality for college bowl games. Underdogs of

7 1/2 to 9 1/2 points win about 25% of their games out right. Double

digit underdogs of 10 points or more, win the game outright at about

the same 25% pace. These double digit dogs, sometimes have money

line payoffs of twice what the smaller underdogs have. If you think a

two touchdown underdog is live, don't be afraid to take them on the

money line. Sometimes you will be getting a huge overlay.


posted by the_rookie10

Dec. 14 2005 12:53pm

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