Picks for SATURDAY, Nov 12th

glta :shock:


posted by ricky

Nov. 9 2005 9:48am

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    Florida State (-2) at Clemson, 9am PST

    Alabama (+3) vs LSU, 12:30pm PST

    Oregon St (-6) vs Stanford, 3:30pm PST


    posted by the_rookie10

    Nov. 11 2005 11:35am
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    Just a heads up. 3 starters and a reserve have been suspended for the Virginia Cavaliers against Ga. Tech for Saturday !!

    Senior -

    Ottowa Anderson WR Starter

    Kwakou Robinson DL Starter

    Junior - Team Captain

    Tony Franklin Safety ( This one will hurt the Cavs. True Freshman will get the start )

    Soph -

    Vince Redd ( reserve that seen a lot of action and was effective )

    Just a heads up !!

    Good Luck ** Thanks Teeks for sending me an e-mail to confirm this and it is confirmed !!


    posted by sundaybreak

    Nov. 11 2005 11:37am
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    Still recovering from that va tech game.

    I love FSU this week. I will take pops over son any day.

    also rolling with.........

    FSU -1.5 (big bet for me)

    Wisconsin -2 this is barry alvarez last home game as coach. I look for them to bounce back coming off that big loss last week to joepa!

    Georgia -2.5(buying the hook) Shockley is back and the bulldogs have had 2 weeks to prepare for this game. I will take Georgia at home on this one.

    Northwestern +18 Look for them to put up some points and keep it a little closer than the spread.

    Lsu -2.5 (buying the hook) I hate giving bama points at home but their offense is putrid. I just think Lsu will pull away in this game.


    posted by smgelpi

    Nov. 11 2005 6:06pm
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    bro becareful with fsu. They don't need the game as they're allready gonna play in the acc championship game to determine bcs. Son needs game to be bowl eligilbe and again dad is playing for nothing. He just might allow son to steal a victory at death valley. Just my two sense bro.

    gl, i'll be pulling for you as i'm a seminole fan.


    posted by jtmoney16

    Nov. 11 2005 6:14pm
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    Only 6-7 last 13, 25-8 overall. It has 8 games for Saturday:

    LSU/Alabama U37

    Auburn/Georgia U41.5

    Maryland/North Carolina U46

    North Texas/Florida Atlantic U45

    Central Michigan/Western Michigan O56

    Ball State/Eastern Michigan O53.5

    Teased 6 points:

    Georgia Tech/UVA U50.5

    Troy/Arkansas State U54.5



    posted by teeks75

    Nov. 11 2005 10:12pm
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    NCAA LOCK OF THE DAY 5*********CLEMSON+2********************

    DADDY GIVES SON THIS HUGE WIN.WATCH AND SEE BOYS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    posted by studlybookiecrusher

    Nov. 11 2005 11:31pm
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    Unless son is signing Daddy's checks, you can forget all that non-sense about letting someone win.

    Tell the players from each side that we are going to let the other team win and I wonder what kind of response we get.

    ACC Championship is one thing but the Bowl games are another. Bowls pay millions and attendance is a factor. If you read between the fine lines, Bowls hold to right to take a certain team from a certain conf and they have been known to by-pass teams with sub-par records. Ask USC ( although they didnt hold a sub-par record, bowls what asses in the seats ) when they were snubbed by AT-LARGE bid Oklahoma 2 years ago in the National Champion game. That was only a difference of 7.8 million.

    Florida St covers this spread !!!!

    Good Luck on your bets Saturday !!!!


    posted by sundaybreak

    Nov. 12 2005 12:48am
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    Saturday CFB.......

    3 units

    Auburn +3

    Western Michigan -3

    Iowa State +2

    2 units

    Boston College -4

    Maryland +3

    BYU -4.5

    Iowa +3

    Mississippi -1.5

    Michigan State +6

    Alabama +3

    GL today guys 8)


    posted by phball101

    Nov. 12 2005 12:50am
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    3 plays for me this Sat...

    9am PITT -12


    1PM UAB-7

    5 units on each play so far. thanks to some extra help from the fellas, i can play 5 units a game again. also, i went 5-0 on my own plays yesterday, even hitting DET 2nd H and Under parlay.

    as some of you guys already knew, i was getting the offshore plays for a wk as a teaser so that i could become a permenant client for them. well, their sides werent impressive at all but their "totals" hit 4-1.

    i was in the process of getting a gang together to invest in todays NCAA GOY that they have going off at 6:30 eastern, but it got too exhausting.

    according to them, they hit at 80% + on their total plays and are 5-0 on their GOY totals.

    if anybody else wants to open this door at anytime, i am definitely down to pitch in my part. just let me know.

    i was really still considering to invest in this game anyways, but i only play, at most, a nickel on a strong game. so, obviously, it wouldnt make sense to invest 1k into a play and only play 500, even if they are gauranteed.

    anyways, let me know and i will send the cash...

    GL with all of your plays and GL to the Cookie Cutter

    The Nooch!


    posted by thenooch

    Nov. 12 2005 4:29am
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    another big night last night with Washington handing it to Seattle!!!

    I knew seattle were all at sea - was worried they may rally thou thats why kept it 2*, but they just had all sorts of trouble at centre, and this is a team in disarray.

    NBA record Nov: 8-3 and not doin too bad on nfl this month either!

    Keep it going today GP_FAM!!!

    Gimme couple good NCAAF games too, need 3 solid for a mini parlay!

    Later with another NBA winner!

    TQ :wink:


    posted by tq

    Nov. 12 2005 7:07am
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    Now I remember why I rarely play parlays (took Rutgers +21 LOSER and under 68 WINNER). Parlays are the devil's tools as are mid-week NCAA football games. It's like there is this invisible force guiding my hand/mouse as I bet on double-digit spreads on a damn Tuesday or Wednesday no less. If it's on TV bet it! These are usually games I would never touch on a Saturday! LOL

    NBA favorites went 10-0 last night, 8-2 ATS. Not sure how often that happens as NBA ain't my thing. Y'all do pretty good though, thanks for posting.

    I like 2 SEC game dogs to keep it close or win outright today:

    Auburn +3 @GA

    @AL +3 vs LSU

    I'm impressed by Steve Spurrier getting his crack-heads to over-achieve BUT I just can't go against Fla at S Car today so will lay off. I hear ya Sundaybreak, FSU redemption today. Good Luck!


    2-0 NFL

    0-2 NCAAF



    posted by goat-

    Nov. 12 2005 8:07am
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    PITT -12

    OHIO ST -18

    MICHIGAN -24

    KENTUCKY +11

    T TECH -24

    ORE ST -5


    WISKY -3




    posted by moneymaker

    Nov. 12 2005 9:13am
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    another split day yesterday and losing my first college game of the year. Wake had em..but props to Mason for the comeback. I'm gettin it back today on these two NCAA plays...I got a nice lean on a night game in the NBA as well, but after yesterday, I'm gonna go slow and smooth today:

    Play #1: ROll with me on over 49 in Washington/Zona. If you havent seen him, watch the Zona true frosh QB. I don't remember his name, but he is going to be something special. Mark my words, you heard it here first. ANyways, Washington starts their 2nd string QB...and while both defenses have played well lately, this game has over 60 written all over it for me.

    PLAY on OVER 49 in Desert Swarm @ the "doubleya"

    Play #2: Roll with me on Colorado - 2 1/2 at Iowa State. Two cappers I know well and respect are the other way on this one, but Colorado has been an ATS force lately. Let's not forget the 7-2 Buffaloes have lost @ Miami (#3 in AP) and @ Texas (#2 in AP). They are sliding under the radar. ISU is a great ATS team as well, but I think the Buffaloes continue their ATS run and get it done in Ames today.

    PLAY on Colorado -2 1/2 @ Iowa State.

    Good luck all, back later with the NBA.

    NBA: 5-5 ATS


    0-1 ATS Out of Conference Specials


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 12 2005 9:16am
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    Ok fellas,

    I kid you not when I say I have gone 7 for 8 on an 8 team parlay each of the last 5 weeks. I went a little crazy last weekend because it is very stressful after a while. Here is the one for this weekend!

    1.Syracuse +8

    2.Ohio State -19

    3.Marlyand +3

    4.Wyoming +4.5

    5.Buffalo +7

    6.U.A.B. -7.5

    7.Buffalo Bills -2.5

    8.New York Jets +9

    Lets see how it does! 50 bucks pays 7500!


    posted by mikejones

    Nov. 12 2005 9:31am
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    1-1 ats CFB this week! PITT -11.5 & OSU -19 ( been a North backer for most of the year but not today)!! Last but not least LSU -2.5!! GL!


    posted by joeweaver

    Nov. 12 2005 11:02am
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    One play for the board which I like:

    Wisconsin -2.5



    posted by takis28

    Nov. 12 2005 11:38am
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    I didn't have much time this week for football, but I'll throw out a little gem here (and I see that Takis is on it as well):



    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 12 2005 11:46am
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    I agree with you PC, I am ALL over Colorado -2.5, this is a huge play for me, they are underrated and will ROLL.

    Also on FLorida -4


    posted by skydivin

    Nov. 12 2005 11:54am
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    MILWAUKEE +1.5

    PHOENIX -7

    Yesterday: 4-2


    CLEVELAND -7 (PUNCHOUT PLAY) (NBA Game of the Week)





    SEATTLE +5.5

    TORONTO +4

    Season Record: 16-17


    1-1 (GOW)


    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 12 2005 12:37pm
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    going to take west michigan again today -3


    posted by tq

    Nov. 12 2005 12:59pm
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    -2 now ?


    posted by tq

    Nov. 12 2005 12:59pm
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    sorry fellas i've been out all day so here's a repost of my play today. haven't had time for anything else. gl all with your plays.

    ok fellas i think i've found a play that will gets us the green for tomorrow. This game may sound crazy but to me it makes sense. I have a feeling that people will just watch this one and not wager it with me but oh well i feel good about it

    Wyoming +4 1/2 over Byu.

    Wyoming getting points at home i think is great in this one. Wyoming is reeling losing four straight and Byu is coming off an ass whooping of Unlv. Public as of now is all over Byu but yet line opened at 5 and is at 4 1/2 of even 4 at some places. Sharp money is on wyoming and I plan on being one of those sharp people.

    Wyoming's defense isn't horrible as they rank second in their conference. Their pass defense which is what's most important here isn't bad either. I do know that Wyoming plays good football at home overall as well.

    I can give you a crap load of stats like wyoming is 8-1 ats over byu over the last 13 years but you could just find some other stats that support byu.

    All i know is this is the perfect spot for the public to take it in the rear and i'm gonna roll with vegas on this one and take the points.

    (don't be surprised if they win su)

    this is a 6 unit play for me. gl


    posted by jtmoney16

    Nov. 12 2005 2:47pm
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    I don't post often, but I love San Antonio tonight! Washington blew out Seattle last night which was way too easy! They will have a tough time of it with the champs!

    I also like Milwaukee at home against the Pacers. Pacers played last night. They played their starters most of the game- so, I'm banking on them coming out tired/flat against an upstart Bucks team!

    GL and keep it rolling!


    posted by frosty

    Nov. 12 2005 5:16pm
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    Top Play of the Day is


    Utah +6.5 I think the Jazz could win this outright

    Memphis/ATL u191


    Boston -110

    Huge Parlay worth a shot


    Philly -1.5

    Boston ML


    Miami ML

    Memphis/ATL u191

    Phoenix ML


    Pats ML

    NYG ML

    Jags ML

    Panthers ML

    9 team parlay @ 10 bucks pays out 394.00

    Good Luck


    posted by jsall12

    Nov. 12 2005 6:13pm
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    2 units

    Utah -6

    Hawaii -17

    Arizona State +3.5

    GL and let's keep rolling!!! 8)


    posted by phball101

    Nov. 12 2005 6:25pm
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    Ok Big play here - I cant believe didnt see this number jumping out at me first time was looking - guess thats cause I normally play sides, and as I have no strong feeling on sides, looked at totals - but WOW this number is B I G !!!

    Indiana @ Milwaukee UNDER 206.5 ***

    This number is massive! Esp when you consider Indy played last night, likely wont be trying to exert themselves too much on offence so will try slow this game down to their pace rather than run with Milw. Even if they do, I really barely see this creeping over 200, this just is a rare occurance for Indy to go way over 200 so I'm taking the under.

    Its been a great week for me so not putting too much on this, even though I give it top rating of 3*. No sense giving any money back to the bookies.

    GL everybodeee, TQ :wink:

    Nice winner earlier with West Mich-again :lol: :lol: :lol:

    NBA Nov: 8-3-0


    posted by tq

    Nov. 12 2005 6:27pm
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    Oregon -4 Oregon needs to keep pace wwith UCLA for second place in the PAc Ten, Washington State is supposed to start backup QB


    posted by docvegas

    Nov. 12 2005 10:12pm

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