Picks for Friday, Nov 4th

BOL :hookem:


posted by takis28

Nov. 4 2005 8:16am

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    Ohio U. and Toledo OVER 53.


    posted by cman419

    Nov. 4 2005 9:39am
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    All right, lost last night on Heat under to run NBA to 2-1 ATS for the year. I have two plays I'm releasing tonight..one side and one total..here goes:

    PLAY #4:

    Roll on Golden State over 195 @ home against the Jazz. I like the Warriors in this spot. They seem to own the Jazz and will be gunning for a big win. The Warriors can score and will be the West's version of Phoenix this year. The Jazz..while a defensive Juggernaut at home, will have all kinds of trouble in Cali. I like the Warriors to run and gun with Utah trying to play keep up.

    ROLL on OVER 195 in Golden State/Utah.

    PLAY #5:

    Roll on the Spurs -7 @ home against King Lebron and the Cavs. I said it in my first write up and I'll back it up again. The Spurs at home are an ATS force. This prime time national game will be a big one for LeBron. Ilgauskas is a solid all star center, but the team defense and offense of the Spurs will lead to yet another double digit win at home.

    Good luck fellas...

    NBA record 2-1 ATS

    Gotpicks family...if your interested in a Vegas trip for March Madness, I think a few of us are headed out there again. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have interest or are already going to Vegas for the Madness. Take care all...it would be the 1'st round THursday thru Sunday games.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 4 2005 10:34am
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    Good Day guys, we smoked the man last night in pucks going 7-2 and both Best Bets hitting plus gave out in chat Under in college ball and 1 2nd half in the NBA which was the Suns so not too bad.

    For tonight 2 Pucks Picks

    Montreal & Vancouver


    Nets -4

    Detroit -4



    posted by takis28

    Nov. 4 2005 10:54am
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    Tonight's Plays


    *Golden State Warriors -7

    Charlotte +8

    Toronto +4.5

    GL all $


    posted by close_call

    Nov. 4 2005 10:58am
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    I've looked long & hard... and come up with another good couple plays

    PS glad didnt bet last night, was thinking miami looked awful good at memphis but pacers have a good record. in the end just left well alone.

    Denver -11 *** (I got it -9.5 ladbrokes) - Karl's return combined with a starting season of 0-2 is going to be enough to put a good 20pts between the Blazers and nuggets... to the light blue corner

    T'Wolves +4 *** - Wow! Am I the only one that sees that Seattle are painfully worse than last year? They have lost a couple of the key components of last year's team. Equally, minny are not the bad team they were last year, that was a couple of sores that are now removed, and they should be conference contenders with KG a force again (ok, not quiet but possibly conf semi's) I like the addition of Jaric, his length gives him a nice advantage and he's not credited with being as good on D, but I think he will have worked that side a lot this offseason. Ok - he's not going to stop Allen, but he won't need to. Seattle doesnt have anythin much outside Allen & Lewis, and their 3 shooting isnt going to be their saviour this year either. Minny coach should know the Sonics schemes inside out cause I cant imagine they will have thrown out the entire book since Nate - either way, he wants to put one over & he will know them well enough to give an edge. Minny to win SU, the points just make it comfortable.

    Spurs -7.5 * - I am a little wary of taking Spurs for 2 reasons: (i) cause I just don't trust Lebron, (ii) cause i dont wanna keep playing spurs! But am going to play it for 1* value as i have maximum faith in the 'dirty' play of one Bruce Bowen. He should sufficiently annoy lebron to prevent him from going over his season averages, and thats good enough for me. Spurs supporting cast will have to come in and do what I said they would do on Wednesday and shut the backdoor.

    I like look of Detroit & GSW tonight - they were considered, but being left alone - may go into a parlay with above 3 or just top 2...

    NBA Nov 1-0-0

    GL All! :wink:


    posted by tq

    Nov. 4 2005 11:05am
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    i want to share a little lesson that i encountered yesterday. All day long i wanted to bet the pacers. I couldn't believe the amount of points they were getting (especially this early in the season). I was contemplating going to the game so I layed off since I didn't want to bet on the Pacers knowing i'd be cheering for the Heat. I then swayed away from going to the game and said to myself "Damn these Pacers always fucking beat us" and started thinking about it again. To make a long story short, I didn't bet a single dime yesterday on anything and the whole time I was watching the game I was kicking myself for not listening to my brain and liestening with my heart (since the heat are my team).

    Lesson, if you know you're team is owned by another team and that team is getting points, take it. lol. That's it


    posted by jtmoney16

    Nov. 4 2005 12:12pm
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    Well JT, I did take those Pacers and really wanted to pull the trigger on the (ml). i just think that, so early into this season, there are plenty of DOGGS to throw ML action on until every team solidifies themselves.

    CC and I did that with the Fakers the other night and got lucky and I also liked it with Utah the other night.

    I also faded everybody with that Under in the Heat/Pacers game. I just didnt see it. Heat really having issues with D so far.

    speaking of lessons we all learned last night, here is a POSITIVE that you can take away from a loss.

    ALL day, i was loving the Pacers with the points and the SUNS (ML). here it is...

    12:41:36 SUNS (ml) is the early lean. also, taking the points with the Pacers maybe...

    Well, when i saw that every service and their mother were screaming the Suns, i decided to make it a no play. I was also "given" the Fakers by a very credible source so i decided to play it since i was already up 4 units on the day.

    Even though it lost, it didnt sting to go back on my original thoughts as much as it did last MNF.

    thats because, even though i lost, i still made the right call. Get it? for those of us that have been doing this since childhood, we get it...

    early leans today are...

    ]DET -4

    NJ -4

    UTAH +8

    Still plenty to consider about these games...

    also, might tease Ohio tonight...



    posted by thenooch

    Nov. 4 2005 12:55pm
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    ok my favorite play today is det. -4. however i'm gonna do something different here.

    here's my play


    pistons ml

    seminoles ml

    bama ml

    i can't see noles or bama losing this weekend. I am a noles fan but I am using my brain here. lol

    THis parlay pays you 1:1.

    So however many units you want to bet then bet.

    I'm on this one for 3 units.

    Gl fellas


    posted by jtmoney16

    Nov. 4 2005 1:03pm
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    It's the week of the HOME DOG! (I love it!) I will post these now to get it out of the way, but I'm sure there will be some better lines available for most of these closer to game times. Here we go with the plays in order:



    ARIZONA +4

    BALTIMORE +3 (-120)

    MIAMI +2

    NEW ORLEANS +3 (-120)

    NEW ENGLAND +3.5

    OAKLAND +4.5

    N.Y. JETS +6

    Season Record: 22-18-1 (55%)



    O/U Record: 2-4

    0-1 (O/U PUNCHOUTS)


    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 4 2005 1:19pm
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    posted by close_call

    Nov. 4 2005 1:43pm
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    TORONTO +4

    ATLANTA +10

    Yesterday: 1-0


    PHOENIX +2.5

    Season Record: 4-1


    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 4 2005 1:45pm
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    since there is no Saturday page yet...here are my Saturday CFB plays...

    UCLA (-9 1/2) at Arizona, 3pm PST

    Virginia Tech (-6 1/2) vs Miami, 4:45pm PST


    posted by the_rookie10

    Nov. 4 2005 1:45pm
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    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 4 2005 2:08pm
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    J DELT!!!!!!

    love both of those Monster Plays!!!

    Hope you crush both of them. i'm going to play, at least, the Zona play...

    but, i must say, i think my Bears are going to keep it up for a couple of more weeks.

    having said that, it is easy to envision a saints cover if Orton plays like a rookie and Brooks plays like an Ex-Probowler.

    hope you lose...lol

    GL Brother on the 1st 2...

    The Nooch!


    posted by thenooch

    Nov. 4 2005 2:34pm
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    3 plays today...

    DET -4

    SA -7

    UTAH +7

    decided not to play the NJ game for whatever reason...

    GL the Nooch!


    posted by thenooch

    Nov. 4 2005 5:22pm
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    GL ALL


    posted by close_call

    Nov. 4 2005 5:39pm
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    yesterday didnt go so well, what the hell was up with Miami, oh well today should be different.

    Play of the Day (NBA)

    Detroit -3 Why is boston gettin so few points?? doesnt make sense, could be a trap game, but im hittin it hard

    NBA picks

    NYK -3.5

    Toronto + 4

    Spurs -7

    Hawks +10.5

    NHL picks

    Gonna roll with Takis and his Mon & Vancouver picks

    but also gonna add a play on St. Louis Blues as a dog play

    Oilers had a tough one in Detroit yesterday, they will be burnt out after the road trip, take the Blues at home.

    Good Luck


    posted by jsall12

    Nov. 4 2005 5:54pm
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    3 Plays Tonight


    San Jose +105

    Buffalo +125

    Edmonton -130


    posted by zachsdad3

    Nov. 4 2005 6:16pm
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    Also adding

    Anahiem Mighty Ducks ML

    Good luck


    posted by jsall12

    Nov. 4 2005 6:20pm
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    All over Detroit -4 (Blowout CITY)


    posted by skydivin

    Nov. 4 2005 6:48pm
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    1-1 yesterday, how did that l'ville game not go over?!?!?

    Friday CFB.......

    Toledo -10.5 for 3 units

    Under 53.5 for 2 units

    GL tonight guys 8)


    posted by phball101

    Nov. 4 2005 6:53pm
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    TOLEDO -10.5


    SEA -4.5

    SA -7.5

    NYK -3.5


    posted by nflwinnings

    Nov. 4 2005 6:59pm
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    NHL Total of the Day

    12-4 YTD

    Play on Under 6 -125 in Col/Van

    Play on Over 6 -EV in SJ/ANA

    2 plays today, both very strong. GL


    posted by onechime

    Nov. 4 2005 7:29pm

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