Picks for Thurs, Nov 3th

glta $

lots of nice calls on Wed. keep it up :D :lol:


posted by ricky

Nov. 2 2005 11:26pm

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    WOW, what a great night again!!!

    4 wins

    0 losses

    1 open teaser with WV winning

    shit, even the plays that i conteplated playing, WASH/HOU/CHARL even hit.

    but, MOST OF ALL, great day for GP FAM in the CHAT.

    JT MONEY ------CAVS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    MONEYMAKER ------O 6 OTAWA $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    TAKIS------ WASH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    GTNP-------- O IN WV $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    ROCKO/ CC ------WV $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    GTNP------- SJ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    JIMMY Z -------VAN $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    PC ---------O IN CHI $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    ME/CC------- FAKERS (ML) +240 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    ME -----------UTAH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    WHAT A DAY!!!!!!! FOR THE FAM$$$$$$$$$

    the support and attitude was great in there today, just like the old days.


    im kinda liking both DOGGS for tomorrow. need to look into it some more...

    GL THE NOOCH!!!!


    posted by thenooch

    Nov. 3 2005 3:09am
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    Damn straight Nooch - been a good week for the GP_Fam!

    Keep It Up !!!!!!

    Ok not getting carried away, but had a perfect night last night, hit my parlay thanks to massive Bulls rally! good going - pushed on Minny but still pulled in 200+ profit. Also, decided last minute to take Detroit -4.5 1st Half for 2 units and was a happy little camper. Plus did a small parlay on the plays I liked last night Indy -6.5, Houston -7, Cavs -11, Wash -2 so that pulled in 300 profit too. Altogether a nice night!

    Have Bolts & Colts ML double left from a long winded parlay this week to clear 500 too, so that should keep me from betting too much on NFL this weekend.

    As to tonight, I am never a big fan of Thursday night NBA - always seems to be the night I get my ass handed to me, so will lie low, maybe pick ride on a double of whatever you guys go with.

    ATS Nov NBA 1-0-0 (not counting ML plays)


    posted by tq

    Nov. 3 2005 6:42am
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    Nice night J.D. thanks for posting your winners in the NBA! NBA not my gig but rode one of your picks and parlayed it with WVU!


    posted by joeweaver

    Nov. 3 2005 9:01am
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    All right...2-0 start to NBA ATS...

    here's what I have for us tonight:

    ROLL WITH ME ON UNDER 184 (line as of 8:20AM CST at betcris) in the Pacers/Heat game tonight. Whenever these teams hook up in Miami, it seems to be a low scoring affair. Don't give me the road weary from last night. It's early in the season and the Pacers are a 2 hour drive down Highway 75 (Also Known as the BP/PC/JT gateway) to South Beach.

    Guys, when these two teams play it's usually a defensive war. J.O. is one of the few big men who gives Shaq problems. Add the fact that the bad boy is back for the Pacers to guard Antoine or Dewayne and I think your gonna see an interesting game tonight. The pacers and the Heat are the marquee matchup of opening week in my opinion and the best game on the board (in any sport) tonight.

    The Heat have added a lot of depth to last year's team. The Glove, Employee#8, and the Good ole Boy (if you can name that reference your a hall of famer in my book..I'll need the reasoning as to why he's "the good ole boy") make the frontcourt sick. Anyways, I am a huge fan of this series. It replaced Indiana/New York for me as my favorite series in the East to watch. In fact, I'll throw that out as my first ever....

    QUESTION OF THE DAY#1: (Feel Free to respond in your thread..or don't, I'm just curious and happy hoops is back.)

    What is your favorite all time basketball rivalry between two teams?

    Mine: I gotta roll with one I grew up watching. Mizzou/KU in college hoops.

    Back to the game....I've watched a lot of the Miami/Indiana games over the last 4 years and I really do think this game goes under. I'm a little nervous because I also believe the public will be riding the under. And in this series there is the rare both score a 100 game. But tonight, with all the D on both sides (O Neal, the Glove, Shaq, Dewayne, Artest, Tinsley...) it looks good to me. I'm on this for 1/2 the size I was on my first two plays. IF I were ever to bust out the "it's too early in the year to bet, I'll watch first" excuse, it would be tonight. But I'm rollin on the under 184 as my 3'rd Hoops Play of the year.

    Good luck whatever your on.

    Play #3: ROLL ON UNDER 184 in Miami/Indy

    2-0 ATS NBA


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 3 2005 9:31am
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    Great day for me and the whole gang it seems.

    had detroit,clev,and the rode your over in chicago game

    going to ride the under in miami also like the lakers -4

    4-0 nba


    posted by dakota1234

    Nov. 3 2005 9:41am
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    Louisville -21 tonight. Lets face it Pitt sucks and the redbirds are at home.


    posted by moneymaker

    Nov. 3 2005 12:16pm
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    LOUISVILLE -20.5 (lay the wood; the Cardinals will blow this team this up tonight)


    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 3 2005 12:24pm
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    I'm w/ ya on LOUISVILLE! Pitt Sucks Big Time!


    posted by cman419

    Nov. 3 2005 1:05pm
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    Miami Heat -4.5 (bought hook) probably wont need it but just in case. :)


    posted by close_call

    Nov. 3 2005 2:07pm
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    big night for all it seems last night. congrats to all.

    don't know what i'm gonna bet tonight if anything at all but my lean i must say lies with pitt +21. i disagree with a couple of you guys that like louisville. pitt's been playing better as of late (but then again i hate wanstet so i'll lay off)

    gl all


    posted by jtmoney16

    Nov. 3 2005 2:26pm
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    PHOENIX +2.5

    Yesterday: 2-1


    CLEVELAND -12 (easy money; this was over in the first quarter)

    UTAH +3.5


    MEMPHIS +5

    Season Record: 3-1


    posted by jdelt88

    Nov. 3 2005 2:41pm
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    Roll with Miami -6, and the under 188

    as well as Phoenix +3.5



    Calgary ML

    L.A Kings ML

    Boston ML

    and a small play on

    Washington +360 ML

    Good luck


    posted by jsall12

    Nov. 3 2005 3:15pm
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    NHL Total of the Day

    11-4 YTD

    Play on over 6 -115 in the Edm/Det game

    No energy for long write up, no Legacy tonight, Oilers been scoring well lately, Detroit always scores, should be easy, both teams get to 3.

    Sorry for no game yesterday, fighting a cold and it seemed to hit it's peak yesterday afternoon so i couldn't even look at the computer screen without my head pounding.


    posted by onechime

    Nov. 3 2005 5:19pm
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    Nut of the Day

    TEASE .....



    Nutz of Luck

    da Squirrel


    posted by simila2asquirrel

    Nov. 3 2005 5:19pm
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    Ottawa Best Bet

    Calgary Best Bet

    NY Islanders

    Edmonton +1.5



    Toronto +1.5


    Coyotes +1.5



    posted by takis28

    Nov. 3 2005 5:29pm
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    Damn, been busy, but love L'ville tonight too. Also Rolling w/ the Heat -5.


    posted by skydivin

    Nov. 3 2005 6:17pm
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    I know the line has gone up to 186 on the Heat total. I'm on the under even more at 186...good luck.


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 3 2005 6:25pm
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    NICE 2-0 ats start to the CFB week! Dont like laying the large number so keeping it small but want to POUND LOUY!! But after a nice start and some games I like this weekend will control myself! LOUY -20.5! DUCK TYLER!!!


    posted by joeweaver

    Nov. 3 2005 7:08pm
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    nice 2-0 last night...that was like stealing the books money.

    3 units on each

    Louisville -21

    Over 64

    Cards 52-20

    nice call last night PCiddy and GL tonight guys 8)


    posted by phball101

    Nov. 3 2005 7:14pm
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    PITT +20.5


    MIA -5.5


    posted by nflwinnings

    Nov. 3 2005 7:15pm
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    I have not posted in while been following some your plays. Also, a late thanks to those who had Denver last Sunday.

    Tonight I gotta go O 65 1/2

    I'm planning on Pitt to get 21-24 of these points. If that happens then I think this games flies over the total. Now, I know asking for Pitt to score 24 is a risk, but I'm in for one unit.


    posted by brian4state

    Nov. 3 2005 7:24pm
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    I am one lucky son of a bitch. I had the under 65- of the louisville game. When it was not looking good I doubled my bet with a buddY. Had the game chalked as a loss and came out winning fucking huge!!!!!!!!!!!! LUck is better than being good!


    posted by smgelpi

    Nov. 3 2005 11:13pm
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    Ottawa Best Bet WIINER

    Calgary Best Bet WINNER

    NY Islanders LOSS

    Edmonton +1.5 WINNER DOGGIE STYLE


    Florida+1.5 LOSS

    Toronto +1.5 WINNER

    Colorodo WINNER

    Coyotes +1.5 WINNER

    NHL 7-2 BOYS



    posted by takis28

    Nov. 3 2005 11:30pm

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