dodgers over on tuesday 9/13

from another site:

The Dodgers Active Roster Players are 12 for 40 vs Kim with a .300 batting average with 2 HR's

The Rockies Active Roster Players are 13 for 42 vs Jackson with a .310 batting average with 2 HR's

Heres what the Dodgers have done the game after throwing a shutout this year!!!!!

won 6-0 at SF next gm won 8-7 at Ariz

won 4-0 vs SD next gm won 8-3 vs SD

won 6-0 vs SD next gm won 7-3 at Milw

won 7-0 vs Ariz next gm Lost 5-7 vs Ariz

won 1-0 at Phils next gm won 6-5 at Mets

won 4-0 vs Reds next gm won 7-4 vs Reds

won 1-0 vs Astros next gm won 9-6 at Cubs

won 7-0 vs Cubs next gm lost 3-11 at Rockies

Each game after they threw a shutout, their was double digits scored!!!!!!15, 11, 10, 12, 11, 11, 15, 14

the Dodgers over 8 1/2


posted by phantom

Sept. 13 2005 9:40pm

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