i usually dont give too many write ups for reasonings behind picks because they are too lengthy to type but heres a tidbit of info on the lakers...........

sac has been a dog only five times this year and the 5.5 points are the most they have received and they went 3-2 in those games.......bibby peja and vlade played major minutes against the knicks and gave up 111 points while the lakers only give up 88 at home where they are 14-11 ats this year and when the lakers return home off any of their road trips since jan 1st they are an impressive 4-1 ats............the lakers are also in revenge mode here but i dont think the lakers take losing to the kings lightly anyway especially with the brawl between christie and fox.....should get interesting

this is the first of back to backs for sac and after playing a home game then traveling for the next game sac is 3-3 vs the spread since jan 1st.

:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

this was something strange but both teams played once on the 26th since the beginning of the season and la covered and sac didnt where sac was a rd team and the lakers played at home........this will be primetime thurs nite and the lakers will turn the lights out on the kings ......i expect a ten point win for the lakers or more because of the quality minutes that their bench will provide..they had five players get 14 minutes or more vs den while the kings top gunners peja vlade and bibby all played 40+ minutes ............hey i may be wrong and this is no lock guarantee or sure thing but i am on the lakers at -5.5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4

goodpickings to all


posted by kalind

Feb. 26 2004 4:02am

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