$100 NCAA Tourney Pool - traditional scoring

Fellas, here is another NCAA pool with traditional scoring..Here's how it works....

You pick all games through the national championship.

You list a total points scored for the national championship.

Most points for the tournament wins...

1'st round correct pick..1pt

2'nd round correct pick..2pt

3'rd round correct pick..3pt

4'th round correct pick..4pt

5'th round correct pick..5pt

National Championship pick correct..6 pt

Tie breaker...total points in national championship.

ENTRY FEE: $100.00 due to Ricky NO LATER THAN Wednesday night at 9:00PM EST...You can use paypal, neteller, etc. If these options are not available to you, then please call or PM Ricky or myself to get squared away.

Payouts based on following # of entries:

10 or less..Winner take all

11-15...1'st and 2'nd place

16-20..1'st, 2'nd and 3'rd place

21+ Five entries

I am hopeful of at least 10 gotpicks entries. I will combine these entries with the local pool I have going here. All entries must be in by 9:00PM EST Wednesday night so I can get the spreadsheet done. All paid entries will have a copy (email, snail, or fax) of everyone's picks before the games go off.

We will not count the 64/65 game on Tuesday.

have a good one all. ANy questions contact PC7588 (Chris) on a PM or in the chat. Don't wait until the last minute..get it in, get it done, and enjoy the contest.


posted by ricky

March 14 2005 5:45pm

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