Possible reason why Tallahassee picked Orlando for GOW?

Props to ldabdou from the NBA board...

I have been wondering why the Magic have been favored the whole time since Tallahasse posted. There must be a reason in order for them to be favored? RIGHT! McGrady's pist and coach davis had a team meeting after the game.

Here you go, this is info off of their site.

Magic Head Coach Johnny Davis:

(On the game...) "That was an embarrassing loss, you have to compete and give everything you have every game. We didn't start the game out tonight in the right mindset of coming in here to win the basketball game, Milwaukee did. When you go down 37-20 in the first quarter, that is not competing."

(On the Magic defense...) "We want to be a better defensive team, if we don't play defense and we play defense like we played tonight, it will be very difficult to win basketball games."

(On what he said to the team after the game...) "The team knows how I feel about the way we performed. What was said to them and how it was presented to them, I will let that remain in the lockerroom."

(On the Magic...) "They are embarrassed, but you have to do something about it and we didn't do anything."

Tracy McGrady:

(On the game...) "(We have to) have more pride the next game. This has been happening all year to us, so it is not like it is something new to us. If you want to come in here and yell, it is uncalled for. We should have had more pride out there. Those guys were out there having fun and I'm a little jealous.

(On the end of the first half...) "It was very embarrassing. As embarrassing as it was, I'm still not going to quit. If we have a few guys lay down and quit, I'm still going to go out there and play. We absolutely quit tonight, it was absolutely embarrassing. If we do that tomorrow in front of our fans I hope they boo us because we really deserve it.

Rod Strickland:

(On the game...) "They shot 63 percent at half, that is the bottom line. Guys got comfortable and made easy shots, it's hard to stop guys after they get comfortable."

(On the end of the first half...) "That was a joke for us. They were pretty much playing with us at the end of the half. As a team, we have to stop that and put an end to it. I'm not mad at them for doing that, but we have to stop that. They got a lot of fast breaks where we had nobody back."

Hope this helps.

I know I have a hard time laying points on them.


posted by betsmart

Feb. 18 2004 4:33pm

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