NFL Week 2 - Pick Game Winners Only without the Spread


Hi ALL.  I have two entries to weekly NFL pick winners contest at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  The weekly prize is $25,000.  I would like to get some opinions from the folks here and if I win, I will be glad to share the loot.

You only need to pick the winners of the games without the spread.  I also have to enter the final score for the MNF game and it's used in case of ties.

Below are the games this weekend, so please let me know what you think will win.  Thanks in advance.

Kansas City at Detroit 1:00 PM
Oakland at Buffalo 1:00 PM
Tampa Bay at Minnesota 1:00 PM
Chicago at New Orleans 1:00 PM
Baltimore at Tennessee 1:00 PM
Cleveland at Indianapolis 1:00 PM
Jacksonville at NY Jets 1:00 PM
Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM
Arizona at Washington 1:00 PM
Green Bay at Carolina 1:00 PM
Dallas at San Francisco 4:05 PM
San Diego at New England 4:15 PM
Houston at Miami 4:15 PM
Cincinnati at Denver 4:15 PM
Philadelphia at Atlanta 8:20 PM
St. Louis at NY Giants 8:30 PM

You can check the results here, so you know how many correct picks won the contest weekly.

posted Sept. 14, 2011 6:27pm

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