NHL Bets, 03-06-2019

Tonight I still go with Calgary buy maybe someone might not lile it, lol

posted by Djmz2010

March 6 2019 11:00am

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    haha I wonder who isn't going to like that one 😉

    posted by ricky

    March 6 2019 3:09pm
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    Two plus for Mar 6

    ANA +165
    VGK/CAL U 6.5 -110

    ANA playing better defensively and STL heater on the downswing.

    VGK has been dominant defensively and should rise to the occasion in a test game for them.

    posted by dnegs

    March 6 2019 5:59pm
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    well, I know , Calgary has even lost at home 4-0 last time and it looks like that I guess they will loose tonight. A very good time now is Boston. I will see what I can bet to cover Calgary . We'll see. The good thing was that last night Tampa won and they now have 2 more games at home. Tonight I won some $$$$ with the European Soccer, as well. Let's go Flames, lol :)

    posted by Djmz2010

    March 6 2019 6:14pm

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