NBA Playoffs - Wed. 5/23/18

Side Opinion:
Boston +1

Total Play:
1* Cle/Bos Under 206.5 (1.1 units to win 1 unit)

posted by jdelt88

May 23 2018 6:33am

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    I am hedging out of my series play on the Cavs and accepting less than a 4 unit loss (no matter who wins) because I really think this could go either way. The series did not play out the way I had anticipated when Cleveland got drilled in the first two games. I believed that the Cavs could tie up the series, so that put me in this position to get out and not risk getting blasted. At this point, I think it’s Cavs in 6 or Celtics in 7. Tonight should decide this series, but who knows when you have LeBron James.

    Series Hedge:
    Boston +170 (13.67 units to win 23.23 units)

    posted by jdelt88

    May 23 2018 5:50pm

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