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Well boys, looks like we have a showdown developing Sat night in Tallahassee, Fla. I must admit the Confines of Doak-Campbell have not been very nice to the Cavs since FSU's joining into the ACC. But, here's what I like about trends. Those players from those teams dont play on this years team. Here are some of the KEY factors that I have looked at and who has the edge >

QB -

Without a doubt, Virginia gets the edge in this catergory. Sexton will have to read a pro defense that holds no mercy. If he cant read the zone schemes, he and the Seminoles are in for a long night ! On the other team, Marques Hagans faces a pro defense every week in practice. The guy can thread the ball or simply take off running. 1 thing about this guy, he does not make many mistakes.

Stat of the Day >

Marques Hagans has never lost a road game as a starting QB in College or HS. 27-0 !

RB -

Again this category has to go to the Cavs. FSU has 2 Quality backs while Virginia goes 4 deep at this position. Washington has come into his own the past 3 weeks. Leon is avg 7.8 yards a tote while Lorenzo booker is avg 4.9 yds a carry. The diff between the 2 schools RB's are, Virginia's RB get in the passing game often and Virginia will get the nod of the speed factor. Keep an eye on Michael Johnson, if he gets in the open, no one will have a chance to put a hand on him.

Stat of the Day >>

Wali Lundy leads the ACC in total points scored from the RB position !

WR -

Defintely goes to the Noles. These guys have BIG PLAY potential on any given down. They will stretch the field with their game breaking speed. Thrope and Stovall will have to find the soft pocket in the zone, but I think they can do this. Virginia has had injury problems all year at the WR spot. McGrew is more of a possession receiver that runs very good tight routes. Virginia's go to guy without a doubt is TE Heath Miller. It will be very interesting to see who covers this guy, b/c it wont be a LB !

Defense -

This is a tought call b/c I see FSU's front 4 being better than Virginia's front 3. I then see Virginia's LB's being better than FSU's LB's. The secondary has to go to FSU. In my mind this is where the game will be won. Again, UVA has a converted RB and WR playing in the secondary. The good thing about Al Groh's defense is, no 1 player is ever left alone on a island with a WR ! Virginia has given up 2 passing plays over 20 yards for the entire season and that includes last week's BIG gain by Clemson's TE. This is where the game will be won.

Special Teams -

Not even close. Virginia's FG kicker hit's 50+ yard FG's like XP's ! Although he struggled early, he has seem to regain composure. Last year as a freshman, he missed 1 FG in 23 chances ( ballpark ). Punt returns goes to Virginia. Alvin Pearman has excellent #'s on the year as he did last year. KO returns, Mr.Weeks and his law-obiding self is deadly. He plays DB as well, so must keep an eye on his defense status. LB Ahman Brooks also returns KO's and is capable of breaking one to the house !

Just a few quotes from diff sources that I have seen >

They are a very solid football team and they are as sound as a team there is. They do everything good,'' Bowden said of Virginia. ``Offensively, they can kill you running the ball as well as throwing the football.''

The numbers back Bowden's analysis.

In addition to leading the ACC in total offense (493.2 ypg), rushing offense (275.0 ypg), passing offense (218.2 ypg) and scoring (42.4 ppg), Virginia is also getting the job done on the other side of the ball. The Cavs rank third in total defense (248.6 ypg), second in rushing defense (85.4 ypg), fourth in pass defense (163.2 ypg) and second in points allowed (11.6 ppg).

The Seminoles are preparing for a grind-it-out style of game. Virginia has always played the Seminoles in two-deep zone, an umbrella defense that limits big plays and forces patience. The Cavaliers don't have the corners to match against FSU's receivers, but the question will be if QB Wyatt Sexton can make the right reads and get the ball out quickly. The Seminoles know they've got to throw. And in a game like this, they'll need some big plays from their receivers.


How ironic we hear the words, " Man hood being tested ". The weird part is, it's FSU's man hood. I know it sounds crazy, but FSU installed as a 3 point fav. If this game were in Charlottesville, the Cavs would be at least a TD favor.

Some on Campus news, Virginia isnt out to win the game, they are out to man-handle the Seminoles. A on campus publication has quoted the players pleading with Al Groh to give FSU a taste of there own medicine, as in running the score up ! NOW LET me tell ya, I dont see that happening, but I LOVE the attitude that the Cavs have taken. There not going to Tallahassee to keep the game close, they are going to do damage. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but Fla St better play one of there best games, or they will get MAN-HANDLED !!!!

Good Luck to All $$$


Pick on this game coming Sat morning !!!


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Oct. 14 2004 9:51am

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