2008-2009 Barclay's English Premiership

We kicked off today Saturday but I'm going to start on Sunday. Had a decent year in futs last year and let's see what we can do in our second campaign.

Probably will release on Man City @ Villa and I can tell you right now I love the under in Chelsea/Portsmouth...As always, EPL games go off early. Really wanted to bite today but honestly the Sunday games are the ones I'm interested in so far this week.

Great to have futbol back in Europe..let's roll. I'll continue my MLS plays in that thread but here's our 2nd season on GP of Premiership. Would love to see the other pitch fanatics posting as well in their leagues. Teeks, let's see your action in the Bundesligia bro$$$

Good luck and I'll be back to post after my golf game for tomorrow's action.


posted by pc7588

Aug. 16 2008 3:44pm

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    Let's Roll:

    BEST BET: Portsmouth/Chelsea under 2 1/2 -130.

    If Portsmouth can go nil nil with United at Wembley in the Shield game, I don't see why we can't hit the under against mighty Chelsea. If you remember last year I used to hammer on the Chelsea under and I think we see more of the same Sunday morning. Conservative futbol as Chelsea and Pompey make their EPL starts at Stamford Bridge. I watched the FA Shield game and I'll tell ya this, Portsmouth marks very well for this early in the season. I wouldn't be surprised if they stole a point or the win early, but we'll back the under.

    2.6 units to win 2 units on Chelsea under 2 1/2 -130


    2nd bet: I'm taking the over 2 1/2 in Man City/Aston Villa at Aston Villa park. With the departure of Sven at Man City, the team has taken a new offensive mindscheme. Petrov will be able to run wild and Villa likes to play an offensive game. It's early, so maybe both teams will be defensive,but I like man City to go over the number today against the boys from Villa.

    1 unit to win 1.1 unit +110 on Man City over 2 1/2.


    3rd bet: I'm risking on Man City to show they are contenders early against a good Villa side. Man City was atop the EPL early last year and after digging, they play openers real well. We haven't seen any upsets this week so far on Saturday and I'm playing this one. Man City is a darkhorse this year and they have a legitimate shot of winning this game.

    1 unit to win 2.3 units on Man City (+230) in regulation time.


    Good luck and welcome back.

    What the hell: 4'th bet:

    I'm on Man United and Newcastle to go under the 2 1/2.

    2.3 units to win 2 units on United under.


    Too many plays for opening EPL, but I'm so excited about the games. Good luck, if you only want one take the united or Chelsea under and stay away from the Man City game. I am on all 4 however.

    2-2 ATS -0.2 units

    See ya Saturday...so glad the EPL and Europe is on the pitch again.


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 16 2008 4:03pm
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    let's roll:


    aston villa/stoke over 2 1/2

    Stoke is new to the premiership after winning the English championship. They have good form but will struggle to maintain their premiership status and avoid relegation. Villa is an offensive juggernaut and pushes the pace. I look for at least 4 goals in this game.

    3 units to win 3 units +100 over 2 1/2 WIN

    RESULT:Stoke!!! 3:2...the young guns from the championship get their first Premiership win

    2nd play:

    Roll on Everton to beat newcomer West Brom. Another relegation team that is playing with the big boys. I see Everton covering this puppy for us because of their experience in the net and on the back. The over is usually a good play with Everton but from what I've seen of West Brom, they are gonna bunker in and play with 9 on the back. WIN

    1.5 units on Everton +125

    RESULT: Everton 2:1

    3rd play:

    parlay Blackburn and Arsenal together. If Ronaldo doesn't come back to Man U, Arsenal is the team to beat in my opinion. They have talent all over the field and Adabayor is gonna rip through the defense. Blackburn made some huge moves in the offseason and should challenge for Europe (EUFA qualifying) next year. Looks too easy of a parlay.

    1.5 units on Blackburn (-181) and Arsenal (-200) pays 2.7 units LOSS

    GL today


    4-3 ATS +3.2 units

    TODAY: 2-1 +3.4 units

    See ya Sunday.....Congrats if you rode...how bout Fulham beating Arsenal?


    Ole, Ole, Ole,




    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 23 2008 6:53am
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    Good day yesterday..here's what I got for today:

    Roll with me on my team Man City to win in regulation time. They are playing West Ham and I think Man City is going to come out strong after getting shellacked in the first round of fixtures. West Ham has some good options up front but Man City plays great defense at home.

    Small bet, too early to go hard on trends.

    1 unit to win 1.1 unit on Man City in Regulation time over West Ham (+110) WIN

    RESULT: 3-0 Man City

    5-3 ATS +4.3 units on the campaign.


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 23 2008 9:06pm
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    nice hit on man city.

    do the english only play on weekends?


    posted by terpkeg

    Aug. 24 2008 1:01pm
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    Yes...occassionally a Monday night game like today (Man United and Portsmouth) but for the most part they keep it to Saturday and Sunday.

    Same with Spain's La Liga and Italy' Serie a and Germany's Bundesligia....with all the international (UEFA champions league and UEFA Cup) and domestic (Carling Cup, FA Cup) tournaments, they keep the week days open for these other trophy contests.

    have a good one. Thinking about going to Atlanta for Chuck and Rashad but feel like I'll get in a brawl myself at that card.


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 25 2008 9:30am
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    just stay out of the upper deck. from the events ive been to, the higher up you go, the more unknowledgable and obnoxious the spectator. it can get ugly when you have a few drinks in you.


    posted by terpkeg

    Aug. 26 2008 10:33pm
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    I'm ready to bang:

    BEST BET #1:

    We nailed it with ease on a hunch, and my hunch was confirmed: STOKE CAN SCORE and Ricardo Fuller is unfazed at this level of futbol. Last week's best bet winner on the over in Stoke was a thrilling game that I hope you got a chance to watch on FSC. This week, Middlesborough is gonna be desperate for 3 points and they will go full bore at Stoke's leaky defense. Stoke has scored in both games this year in the EPL and I expect Ricardo and company to get at least 1. I think your going to see me play a lot on Stoke this year as I'm fascinated by their rock star coach and how fun it is to watch this team. They don't care, they just push forward.

    Let's roll on em again to get the over:

    2.75 units to win 2.5 units on Stoke over 2 1/2 -110 (vs. Middlesborough)

    WIN 2-1

    result: 2-1 Middlesborough

    BEST BET #2:

    Bolton -133 to beat Premiership newcomer West Brom (West Bromwich)

    Bolton had a down year last year but there's reason for hope. West brom has been competitive but has too many new faces (9 off season transfers, 5 new starters) in their attempt to field a competitive side in the EPL. I really think this game is a laugher but I hate betting high juice (and Ultimatecapper gives me #$%( every time I release over -120.) Anyways, Bolton should be the class of the field at home, but I'm going small based on the juice.

    2.65 units to win 2 units on Bolton (-133)


    Result: 0-0 tie

    Play #3:

    I'm on Wigan as a dog to get it done on the road. They have a nice start to the season and they don't look like the team that barely avoided relegation last year. Beat West Ham, lost 0-1 to Chelsea...they got a shot to take down an average Hull team that just got promoted to the Premiership.

    1 unit to win 1.9 units on Wigan Athletic (+190)

    WIN 5-0 Wigan

    I'll post Saturday night for Sunday. Got a 3*** we gotta play on Sunday.

    Good luck this saturday.

    updated thru 8-30

    7-4 ATS +6.1 units on the campaign.

    2-1 ATS Saturday +1.8 units

    Updated record:


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 29 2008 7:17pm
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    Let's Roll on Sunday 8/31


    I'm rollin over 2 1/2 -105 in Liverpool/Aston Villa. You never walk alone should be loud and proud but the real action is going to be on the pitch. Liverpool can dominate defensively but this game should not be a clean sheet for pool. Villa has legitimate weapons and was one of the best teams in the 2H of the EPL season last year. Liverpool is part of the Big 4, Villa is knocking on the door,should be a cracking game with at least 3. At least that's what I'm hoping.

    Backed it down to a 2**

    2** on Liverpool over 2 1/2 -105

    LOSS 0-0

    GL fellas.

    If you want a side play roll on FC Sevilla in Spain's La Liga to beat Racing Santedar +140. Sevilla is an exciting team and has bolstered their defense (which was the problem last year) as they try to improve on last year's great finish in the top 5 of the League. Racing is a qaulity side but based on coaching and tradition, I think Sevilla will be much more fit and ready to start the season.

    1* on FC Sevilla +145 to win in regulation time.

    LOSS 1-1

    GL...I'll keep EPL and La Liga and Serie A plays separate on record.


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 31 2008 8:48am
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    Tailed your over PC and also put some on VILLA ML...

    Hope they open it up 2H because both teams seemed way to content to play defensive ball the first half...

    Lets cash this one! Tell me somethign good liek these teams score late plz!


    posted by mikejones

    Aug. 31 2008 11:50am
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    Sorry Mike..that Liverpool game sucked...

    I'm looking at the La Liga and EPL..we took a couple of weeks off for World Cup qualifying but both leagues are back full force on the weekend. We'll be playing on the Stoke City game on Sunday and right now I'm looking at Chelsea/Man City and West ham/Hull as well as Newcastle/Hull.

    Will post on Friday as the games go off on Saturday. Let's roll.

    I'm playing small on the MLS game Thursday night, will post on that thread.

    Updated record:

    7-5 ATS +4 units on the EPL campaign

    0-1 -1.0 unit in La Liga


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 11 2008 6:54pm
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    For you Mike Jones:

    Feel bad about the pool under 2 weeks ago. That game was atrocious.


    EPL BEST BET: You know it, I know it, the books know it. PC will continue to roll on Stoke City over until someone (namely a loss) shuts him up. I have fallen in love with these blue collar jonnies from the industrial hub of the UK. They play with aggression, they fearlessly push forward, their coach is a renegade, the team never gives up. We are 2 for 2 on stoke city going over and I'm going after it again. But not because it's a feeling, it's based on knowledge and the following angles:

    **in 3 games involving stoke..the number of goals scored has been 12..or an average of 4 per game.

    **Everton has had 11 goals in 3 games this year..just under 4 a game.

    Ricardo Fuller is a goal scoring machine...a poor man's Drogba.

    **Stoke City has been competitive in every game..winning 3-2, losing 2-1 and losing their opener 3-1 in the EPL but that game was tied in the 70'th minute.

    The two home games for Stoke they scored in both games. All we need is 1 from Stoke City and our boy Ricardo to get this over.

    3*** on Stoke city/Everton over 2 1/2 -110

    GOES OFF EARLY...7:30 AM CST in the states. If you want it, bet it tonight because that juice will go up when the wankers on that side of the pond wake up and start hammering the line.

    EPL 2nd play: For you mike jones..>Villa ain't gonna fu#$* us again! I am taking the over 2 1/2 +115 against a Tottenham Spurs team that has failed to impress even though they have a great off season. Villa is loaded offensively, I'm still scratching my head at the Liverpool draw 0-0 2 weeks ago. Well, I gotta go on the over again. No reason not to. This team can score and the Spurs are different after spending loads of money in the off season to only have another poor start in the EPL

    1.5 units to win 1.7 units.

    La Liga Best Bet:

    Getafe -105 over Sevilla (Betis). I really like all of the European leagues but it's hard to say what league has the most talent. The EPL is marketing brand you hear, but La Liga has some big name and money stars. Anyways, Getafe is a solid team. Think California Angels consistency and the occasional big year. They are loaded and primed to make a run at Real and FC Barcelona this year, although the league has had a very weird start to the year. Getafe's balance of defense/offense should be enough to get by Sevilla who only scores but plays no defense. Sevilla runs into trouble when they play good defensive teams and Getafe can get it done defensively in the attacking 3rd.

    2 units Getafe -105 over Sevilla in 90 minutes


    3.3 units to win 3 units on Stoke City over 2 1/2 (7:30 AM CST Sunday 9.14) WIN

    1.5 units to win 1.7 units on Getafe in La Liga to win in 90 minutes over Sevilla (early afternoon) LOSS

    2 units to win 2.3 units on Villa over 2 1/2 against Spurs (9:30 AM CST Sunday 9.14) WIN

    GL fellas...


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 13 2008 3:14pm
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    4 goals in a 22 minute span, good stuff. Nice call, I tailed this one. Is Cahill the Austalian?


    posted by teeks75

    Sept. 14 2008 10:18am
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    Nice hit on the Best Bet PC....the over VILLA is Monday right?


    posted by moneycanada

    Sept. 14 2008 9:39pm
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    yes...villa goes off on Monday

    I am on the over


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 14 2008 11:24pm
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    PC we need one more to hit the over!! Why is Tottenham so awful? They used to be a pretty stellar team but they are dropping and dropping...maybe Villa will score a 3rd!


    posted by mikejones

    Sept. 15 2008 4:29pm
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    There we go bro..I knew those bastards wouldn't screw us twice in a row.

    I just wish I would have played on the +285 dog$$$


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 15 2008 4:52pm
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    9-5 ATS +9.3 units on the EPL campaign

    0-2 -2.5 unit in La Liga

    2-1 ATS on last post (2-0 in EPL +5.3 units, 0-1 in La Liga (I'll break my cherry I promise next week, -1.5 units)


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 15 2008 4:55pm
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    Nice work in EPL PC! Are you going to play any champions league tomorrow?

    keep em coming!


    posted by mikejones

    Sept. 15 2008 5:07pm
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    I kind of like Schalke -143 for the 90 minute line...but I like games on Wednesday, not Tuesday. I'll throw those up tomorrow after I check the fitness report.

    Glad we hit together..made up for that BS Pool/Villa over. I still can't believe that game went 0-0 with all the talent. Oh well, we got it back this weekend.

    Did anyone buy a Stoke city jersey yet? My Ricardo Fuller is on the way.


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 15 2008 5:19pm
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    Didn't do so well in the start of UEFA champions league..but we'll see how it ends up. At EURO 2008 I started -2.3 units and ended up absolutely destroying. So stay with me, I broke my own rule and forced plays. But we're in the UK today and I gotta go with some plays in the EPL:

    And guess what..Mr Wonderful, my man crush, Christiano Ronaldo picks Chelsea as his first game back to the pitch this Sunday..LOOK FOR MY 1st GAME OF THE MONTH 4 banger this Sunday.

    Anyways..Saturday's card:

    Remember to bet tonight, most of you fellas aren't up at 4:00 AM with Hilly and I keep America safe.

    EPL BET:

    Let's go after it again. Not a best bet, but I like enough to post. Stoke City has been our team this year (3-0 ATS on the overs) and we're going again. MJ and I lost on Pool over last time, but all that talent up front with Mr. Gerrard and the brilliant Spainard should make Pool cover the over on their own. But my fighters from Stoke will get the proverbial 1 and make Pool think about if for awhile. MJ..if we lose this one, I'm done playing totals on Pool. Anyways, Stoke city over goes to 4-0 today

    Risking 2.8 units to win 2 units on Stoke city over 2 1/2 against Liverpool LOSS


    I'm going with Middlesborough +185 to win in 90 minutes @ Sunderland. This is a derby..where two teams are from the same area/city. Huge rivalry and I'll take the dog. Here's why:

    Even though Middlesborugh lost a solid striker in Turkish international Sanli is out with a torn MCL. However, there is good news...3 starters return and are fit.

    I like the uncertainty for Sunderland. keane is a good manager with solid strategy, but he has major injury issues, unfit players, and 4 strikers to start in 2 spots unless he changes formation to a 3 in the front. Anyways, what that jibberish means is that Sunderland has some great talent, but they haven't played together and some key components in the midfield are injured or just returning to form.

    Middlesborough badly wants this game. They haven't won the away part of this derby in over 5 years.

    Sunderland is 0-2 at home.

    Both teams have allowed 6 goals this year..good defense and I'll take Middlesborough's continuity to start the season. (Losing Sanli hurts, but they get a good striker back from injury to take his spot). Sunderland is going to have trouble jelling and getting through the defense. They better hope for some solid set pieces.

    I like the dog, but I'm going small because I'm heavily vested on Sunday.

    1 unit to win 1.85 units on Sunderland LOSS


    The big one, a rematch from Moscow. A chance for Stamford Bridge to let United know they are contenders. I am all over Chelsea +115 to beat Man United in the first epic battle of the EPL season.

    Ronaldo is begging his coach, Sir Alex to play. He made an appearance against Villereal but I have to question his fitness. The big blue wall of Chelsea is physical and I would not risk the mega star's injury to an early return. As badly as I admire Ronaldo for begging to play chelsea, he should be smarter. If he plays, and I think he will, it will benefit Chelsea big time. SAF is a legend in England, and he's smart enough to build his offense around Ronaldo. No disrespect to all world players Tevez and Rooney, but Ronaldo is the epicentre of futbol. he is in my humble opinion, the best offensive player in the world. But, he's not ready for this and there's no way United can change their type of play this quickly. There's a reason the total is at 2, the books don't think United can bulge the bag against Cech and that solid defense. Let's not forget Chelsea has allowed a grand total of 2 goals so far this year in the EPL (4 games).

    I'm hoping Ballack is finally in 90 minute form (I expect him to start) and Essien and Drogba start. if those 3 happen, I wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea won by 2 goals.

    I'm on the Blues



    4 units to win 4.6 units (+115)

    backing the draw line +195 for 1 unit not counting on record.

    2nd Sunday EPL play:

    Man City/Portsmouth over 2 1/2 +105.

    In 4 games, Man City is averaging 4 goals per contest. (16 goals)

    In 3 games, Porstmouth is averaging 3.75 goals per contest (11 goals)

    The two traditionally attack each other offensively and it makes sense in this year's campaign. Man City is a markedly different team than last year's side and Pompey has good goal scoring. Neither goalie impresses me and I think the juice should be on the over.

    1.5 units to win 1.6 units on over 2 1/2 +105 WIN

    Dog play:

    Wigan +285 game line (if it ties it's a push)

    We hit easily against Tottenham last week and I'm going to fade them again. Wigan is much better this year and has the ability to pull the upset at White Hart Lane in the London burbs. Spurs have only scored 4 goals this year and Wigan has been very consistent. Amr Zaki is the rookie of the year waiver wire fantasy pick up as he has already scored 4 goals and burned the opposition with his speed. If you get a chance to check out Wigan, check out this cat. He is amazingly quick and good on the ball.

    1 unit to win 2.85 units on Wigan tie is a push PUSH

    Good luck players..my complete EPL card..skipping La Liga this week because I like these 4 games.


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 19 2008 9:01pm
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    PC that Middlesbrough game is some BS bro. I think this is the second game this week we should have won but yet another missed penalty and then Sunderland gets a goal after we had most the chances. Very weak..

    lets get the next one!


    posted by mikejones

    Sept. 20 2008 9:28am
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    Sorry, 1-4 ATS ain't gonna cut it. No excuses, props to Man U for getting a point at Stamford with an ineffective Ronaldo.

    Couldn't believe Pool got me again on a total. Again 0-0 those son of bitchs.

    Back next week. Still liked my plays, just didn't hit. Thanks for the support and emails, we got a long season ahead of us. I'll update after American futbol is over.

    Did anyone watch Donovan last night?


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 21 2008 12:27pm
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    Carling Cup:

    I'm going the over on two of my favorite over teams, Reading (now relegated to the Coca Cola championship) plays Stoke City at Stoke.

    2.6 units to win 2 units on Stoke City over 2 1/2 today. WIN



    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 23 2008 10:39am
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    We hit yesterday on the Stoke Over..I have two today and a best bet:

    BEST BET: Newcastle/Tottenham under 2 1/2 -110

    3.3 units to win 3 units

    Both teams are in a shambles. Maybe they open it up for Carling, maybe not. I'll take conservative play by both teams as they need the win desperately. LOSSAbsolute BS...Owen ties it late and then the goal in extra time

    2-1 Tottenham

    2nd play:

    Wigan Athletic to win in 90 minutes

    2 units to win 2.3 units WIN

    3-1 Wigan


    updated record thru 9-24

    12-9-1 ATS +3.8 units on the EPL campaign (includes Carling Cup)

    0-2 -2.5 unit in La Liga


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 23 2008 10:27pm
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    Passing..don't have time for write up, here's my card for the weekend. Sunday is the hammers, Saturday I like but think Sunday plays are better.


    Tottenham Spurs over 2 1/2 -110

    2.75 units to win 2.5 units LOSS

    2nd BEST BET:

    Manchester City/Wigan over 2 1/2 +100

    Riskind 2 units to win 2 units WIN

    Saturday play:

    Stoke/Chelsea over 2 1/2 -130

    3.9 units to win 3 units LOSS

    Saturday 2nd play:

    Liverpool under 2 1/2 -145

    2.9 units to win 2 units WIN

    That's all I got.

    2-2 -2.65 UNITS


    posted by pc7588

    Sept. 26 2008 7:55pm
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    What do you think of the Gunners losing to Hull.

    As a Man U fan, I'm loving it! Off to England for a week, but won't be able to catch a game. Maybe in a pub!


    posted by sherlock37

    Sept. 27 2008 5:24pm
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    The EPL is back after Champions league, UEFA and World Cup qualifying. Let's bang this Saturday 10/18:


    For you sherlock..Man U is in the middle of the table and going to start banging. Going against newly promoted, I'm going to play the goal line. I see Rooney, Tevez, and Ronaldo rekindling last year's magic at Old Trafford.

    3 units on Man United -2 goal line -105


    Wigan/Pool under 2 1/2 -110.

    Wigan has proved time and time again this year they are much improved and can get it done. As Mike Jones will tell you, the Pool over has been garbage and in a tight defensive game (see Stoke's bunker in tactic) which gives the defensive edge to Wigan, I'll roll the unpopular play.

    3 units on Wigan under 2 1/2 -110

    Third Play:

    Sunderland/Fulham over 2 1/2 +105.

    Something tells me Fulham and Sunderland are gonna explode on Sunday. The Numbers and trends support an under play (both teams have low goals scored and low goals allowed) but I think the exact opposite is going to happen. Could be a sucker play, but I really think these guys are gonna go over 4.

    2 units on Sunderland over 2 1/2 +105

    Good luck boyz.


    14-11-1 ATS +1.15 units on the EPL campaign (includes Carling Cup)

    0-2 -2.5 unit in La Liga


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 17 2008 7:10am
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    Man United over 2 1/2 -130

    2.6 units to win 2 units

    Hull +140 for game (tie is a push)

    1.5 units to win 2.1 units

    Have a Game of the Month on Sunday...

    Sorry for the early post, been swamped.


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 25 2008 6:15am
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    Man City/Stoke O 2.5 -150. My play of the month!


    posted by sherlock37

    Oct. 26 2008 9:36am
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    PC bro what happened to your GOM today?


    posted by moneycanada

    Oct. 26 2008 9:43am
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    Sorry MC...I played golf early that morning..

    Wednesday EPL:

    Hull City +1 -105..they are 3rd in the EPL and I'll take the +1 goal line at home. They have beaten Arsenal at Arsenal and done everything you wouldn't expect out of a cinderella. Very unpopular play as everyone waits for Hull to get destroyed. I'm not biting.

    Hull City +1 2 units -105

    Arsenal/Tottehnham under 2 1/2 +105

    Cmon..Spurs are garbage and the only way they stay tight is to bunker in. Will be the most boring game of the day or ARSENAL will win 5-0. I'm banking on boring. Still waiting to see if Fabregas and Abeboyar will ever click up front.

    2 units to win 2.1 units

    Man City over 2 1/2 -130 @ Middlesborough.

    Robinho is the future and Man City has talent around him. They are the highest scoring team in the EPL so far and the defense isn't the best. I think we go over 4 and it's my best bet.

    Man City over 2 1/2 3.9 units to win 3 units

    GL players

    Opinions..Man United over


    posted by pc7588

    Oct. 28 2008 11:13pm
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    All souls day for my latino amigos!

    Got drilled in EPL on Wednesday and I mean drilled so tread with caution until i get my feet back underneath. Been studying college hoops and NBA the last 2 months and it shows in my futbol cappin!


    Stoke over 3 -105...2 units

    Gotta go back to the boys at home. Even though they got a drew with Pool 0-0..I think we see it open up a little bit more today.

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm playing on Liverpool +100 to win at Tottenham. Pool has burned me almost every time out but I gotta roll. Spurs tied Arsenal on Wednesday but they still have a long way to go.

    2 units on Pool +100 to win in 90 minutes.

    Sunday: I'm hammering the Man City game play. I'll post tonight BEFORE golf MC


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 1 2008 6:41am
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    I'm cheating...

    Bad run 0-1-1 yesterday as Liverpool gets me yet again. How bout Stoke? Wow..I wish I had the balls to lay on them.

    Anyways..Game of the Month:

    Man City over 2 1/2 -115

    4.6 units to win 4 units.

    Robino has made this team the highest scoring team in the EPL. They are absolutely loaded and starting to move into the "Europe" part of the table in the Premier League. Bolton can score and Man City has very few clean sheets so far this year. 3 seems very reasonable and as a huge Man City fan, I can tell you this team has been going over 2 1/2 all year. I haven't seen weather so if someone on that side of the pond has some feedback, let us know. If it's terrible..back it down to a 3*** but short of Hurricane PC7588 I think these boys will throw down on Sunday morning.


    4 STAR **** on Man City over 2 1/2 -115


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 2 2008 12:25am
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    I'll be back in the EPL next week and some Champions league. With hoops starting in college I focused my efforts there. I'll see ya Sunday with an EPL winna@!!!!


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 22 2008 11:38am
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    I'm back$$$$$

    3 plays today:

    1.) BEST BET:

    Wigan Athletic -133 in 90 minutes.

    Wigan has been the surprise of the EPL along with Hull. I think they TCOB easily today against West Bromwich Albion. Wigan has looked great offensively and is among the league leaders in goals allowed defensively. No reason not to back the surprise

    4 units to win 3 units on Wigan -133 in 90 minutes

    2.)Let's go back to the well. Earlier in the year I was in love with Ricardo Fuller and over on Stoke. I'm going back to the well as they battle recently promoted Hull in what should be a very good game.

    2** on over 2 1/2 -105

    3.) I'll back Hull to beat Stoke but I'm playing the game line meaning a tie is a push. If your feeling frisky, roll on the 90 minute line but I think Stoke might tie this one. However, I'm going to roll on Hull to get the 3 points today at Stoke.

    2** on Hull +110 to win. A tie is a push

    GL all


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 29 2008 7:23am
  36. 0 likes

    just a note...

    that wigan line is for the game. A tie is a push..it's 1-1 right now and I expect the boys to punch through, I just don't want a push.



    Wigan 4 units to win 3 on game line

    Hull +105 2 units on game line

    Hull over 2 1/2 -105

    GL fellas...

    Here's my 5****** for Sunday:

    You guys know I nailed Man City twice last year as huge dogs against United. I don't see the same sweep in the Derby this year but I think your going to see offensive fireworks. United has been publicly trashing Man City since the Arab take over and they want to prove they are the dominant team in Manchester. Rooney was quoted as saying: "Once city gets to the top of the table they can talk about how good they are."

    Robinho..the record financial signing for man City (and my new favorite player..he is old school and I would want him at my back anytime) retorted that we'll see what happens on Sunday.

    Some bad blood brewing and both teams are going to push offensively. Man City is finally clicking coming off a 2-0 win @ Arsenal and then going to Germany take down Bundesligia powerhouse Schalke on their pitch. Man City is going to put up a fight, I'm advocating the over. I think this game will go over 5, yes 5 goals. It's my biggest bet of the year in futbol and I'm slammin it.


    Battle of Manchester over 2 1/2

    5 units for me..I don't care what the line is, I am slammin the over!


    posted by pc7588

    Nov. 29 2008 11:32am
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    I was going to post the over for that game too. Man City is balls to the wall offence. No D tomorrow


    posted by sherlock37

    Nov. 29 2008 2:21pm
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    PC nice hit on Wigan but the line -130 was the 3 way line. I think the pK (tie = push) line was like -250+ or something but maybe I am wrong.

    Either way, nice hit...Lets cash the over tomorrow bro!


    posted by moneycanada

    Nov. 29 2008 8:31pm
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    I'm back on the pitch for 2009 and this time I'm stepping into my homeland with Teeks as we root on our boys.

    I look for landon to make a statement today as Bayern Munchen wins over Hamburg.

    2 units on Bayern Munchen +100 to win in regulation time.

    Goes off at 2:00ish PM CST.

    GL today.


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 30 2009 12:04pm
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    Stoke/Man City O 2.5 -105

    Man City to win (tie is loss ) +130


    posted by sherlock37

    Jan. 30 2009 11:31pm
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    my plays:

    Wigan Athletic +400 to win in 90 minutes

    risking 1 unit to win 4 units

    Man United over 2 1/2 -110

    risking 2.2 units to win 2 units

    Tottenham Hotspur +150to win in 90 minutes

    risking 1.5 units to win 2.25 units

    Like that Man City over Sherlock but waiting to see if Tony restores Ricardo Fuller to the starting lineup for Stoke. If yes, the over is the play, if no, I'm not touching it.


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 31 2009 6:30am

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